Quantum Mechanix and WBCP team for DC Comics Q-Pop Figures

QMx Adds DC Comics Universe to its Q-Pop® Line of Adorable Collectible Figures

Quantum Mechanix Inc. (QMx) announced today that it has signed a deal with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC Entertainment, to bring the heroes and villains of the DC Comics universe to its roster of Q-Pop® figures.

The newly minted deal lets QMx take the decidedly lighthearted style of Q-Pops and apply them to such beloved DC Comics Super Heroes as Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and other members of the DC Comics universe.

Q-Pops are a line of high-quality PVC figures that put a whimsical spin on pop culture’s favorite characters. The Q-Pop® style is reminiscent of Japanese chibi characters, but injected with a distinctly American flair. Each figure is approx. 3.5” tall and will include a themed base and word balloon with a whiteboard surface that will allow collectors to write in quotes or verbalize sound effects with an included dry-erase marker.

The DC Comics Q-Pop® line will be priced between $19.95 and $29.95, providing fans with an accessible line of figures to collect without breaking the bank.

“Q-Pops® are each character’s inner child come to life,” said Mohammad Haque, Design Director for QMx. “Part of their unique fun comes from filling in a silly phrase or quip in the word bubbles. It’s fun to have them do the talking for you!”

“Each DC Comics Q-Pop® should evoke the pure joy of cracking open a comic book for the first time,” adds QMx CEO Andy Gore. “QMx hopes to capture the glee from our childhoods spent pretending to be Super Heroes and box it up with each Q-Pop®.”

“We’re excited to partner with QMx to add the fan-favorite DC Comics Super Heroes to their roster of Warner Bros. properties and beloved characters,” said Karen McTier, Executive Vice President of Domestic Licensing and Worldwide Marketing for Warner Bros. Consumer Products.

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QMx plans to release the first DC Comics Q-Pops® summer 2014 at QMx-authorized comic, collector and specialty retail outlets around the country. They’ll also be available for purchase directly through the QMx website at www.qmxonline.com.

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