Toy Fair 2014: My Top 5(ish) Non Comic Book Toys

I’m pretty sure at this rate, I could write about Toy Fair for the next month.  I took so many pictures, have so many things to comment about, your friendly […]

I’m pretty sure at this rate, I could write about Toy Fair for the next month.  I took so many pictures, have so many things to comment about, your friendly neighborhood jman might never wrap this thing up!

I kid, of course.  Kinda.  But, because I “can’t” keep this thing going forever, I came up with a Top 5(ish) Toys at Toy Fair list.  The caveat, here, is that this is a non-comic book toy list.  You’ve seen the all comic related merch out there.  Ad nauseam (probably, too) at this point.  So, let’s take a look at some of the other fun stuff coming out for 2014.

FYI…for your purchasing convenience, I included the link to the company’s website at the end of each write up.  You’re welcome!

Marshmallow Blaster by Marshmallow Fun Company.  The Marshmallow Fun Company had a bunch of different sized/styled marshmallow guns at their booth.  But, by far?  The Blaster was the best!  Load in a marshmallow, pump some air into the gun (ala Super Soakers) and fire away!  This thing easily shot the marshmallow to the ceiling of the convention center, which had to be at least a 100 ft up.

Border X Electirc Skateboard by Maverix.  At 500 bucks a pop, I ain’t getting this thing any time soon. But believe you me, it sure was a ton of fun to ride.  It worked just like a remote control car with top speeds of 22 MPH.  Just turn the board on, grab the remote (turn that one, too) and ride. And safety?  It had that, too!  ABS brakes (I’m not even sure my car has that) and a magnetic kill leash.  This thing was the real deal.  Maverix Skateboards

Air Hunterz ZX Crossbow by Zing Toys.  Look, I love Nerf.  It’s fun stuff.  Good times.  But, this crossbow by Zing Toys (actually all the “bow and arrow” sets they put out) is awesome.  It puts Nerf to shame (sorry guys, but truth is truth).  These suckers fly!  You have not been in a proper “Nerf” war until you’ve used one of Zing Toys bow, slingshots or crossbows.  Especially the crossbow.  Just don’t aim for the eyes, kids!  Aim for the junk! Zing Toys

littleBits by littleBits.  Dude!  It’s science!  Who knew science could be so cool?!?!?  littleBits is like Lego, only more sciencey.  Build different things with tiny circuit boards.  Each board has a specific function.  And the best part?  They just “snap” together with magnets.  They had a lot of amazing stuff there.  Probably the coolest was the Synth Kit where you could build a working synthesizer.  The sets are a bit pricey, with the smallest one starting at $100.  But, if price isn’t a factor for you, then you’re totally missing out!  It’s science!  littleBits

InstaSnow by Steve Spangler Science.  Look…I don’t know if this is really science or magic.  Either way…it’s flippin cool.  Add water to this powdery stuff and the next thing you know?!?!?  Snow!  It’s awesome!  And the best part?  Once the water evaporates, it turns back into powder form.  No fuss, no muss!  It’s science!!!  Steve  Spangler Science

Kinetic Sand by WABAfun.  Do you, like me, hate the beach?  All that sand.  It’s so…sandy.  Well, this stuff makes the sand…awesome.  It doesn’t stick!  To anything!  Not your hands.  Not your face.  Not your…well, I didn’t test it everywhere.  But, I’m confident in saying it doesn’t stick to there, either.  Talk about magic!  This is definitely one of those products that crosses the line between science and magic.  “They” said they coat the sand with some sort of “polymer”, but I don’t believe them for a New York Minute!  I took this stuff around my house for everyone to check out.  Needless to say, they were all freaked out by it.  Weirdos.  It’s science!!!  WABAfun


Super Lava Putty by Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty.  This putty is awesome.  They have a ton of different colors, that do different tricks.  Clear, glow in the dark, magnetic…they’re all cool.  But, the best one?  Super Lava.  It literally looks like magnetic looking lava.  I bought a tin that I haven’t been able to put down.  I had to hide it from the kids.  The tins come in a 2 oz and 4 oz size.  It’s not a lot, but it never dries out, so buy yourself some extras.  Puttyworld


Everything by DC Collectibles.  I know.  I know.  Iknowiknowiknow.  I know I said this was a non comic book list.  But, did you see my coverage (plug) for DC Collectibles?  They are killing me!!!! DC Collectibles

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