Toy Fair 2014: NECA

2014 turns out to be more of the same for NECA.  And by “more of the same”, your friendly neighborhood jman really means carrying on the great stuff that they’ve been doing over the last few years.  Randy Falk was cool enough to take us around NECA’s showroom at Toy Fair.  Believe you me, you’re not going to be disappointed by what’s on the upcoming docket…

The Aliens line explodes in 2014.  They had on display new figures from their 7 inch line.  Including Hicks, Hudson (no way, man!) and a brand new Warrior Alien.  They also had on display a very righteous looking Power Loader from Aliens.  I asked Randy how can you have a Power Loaders and not a Ripley?  He just smiled and shrugged. Take that as you will.

The Predator line is also set for a big year with new 7 inch figures, too. Along with an in-scale Trophy room, there’s also series 9 thru 13  figures slated for 2014!

NECA had on display an 18 inch Arkham Origins Batman, which, when I say was pretty flippin awesome…I mean it was.  They also were showing a 12 inch Heath Ledger Joker from the Dark Knight.  From what I understand, Ledger Joker isn’t stopping at 12 inches.  Nope.  He’s heading up to quarter scale, just like Arkham Origins Batman.

NECA was also showing off the inaugural line of Simpsons celebrity figures in their packaging.

What else you ask?  Plenty!  There’s new Planet of the Apes figures coming your way.  Both “old school” and new figures based off Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

There’s a cool assortment of new retro-styled clothed horror “dolls”.  Two versions of Jason from Friday the 13th Part 2 and Part 5. Iron Maiden’s Eddie, and two version’s of Ash (battle damaged and zombified).

There’s also two new Carrie figures.  Let’s just say one is “happy” and the other?  Not so much.

NECA was also showing off their sick Pacific Rim figures.  The quarter scale Gipsy Danger Jaeger?  Don’t even ask.  Just make sure you’ve got the money put aside.  You’re gonna want it.

Oh…and Bioshock!  Let me tell you something…those figures were IMPRESSIVE.    Wait til you see how awesome George Washington looks.

The big thing for NECA, though were the Scalers, little clip on versions of all their properties.  There was a huge display of them, front and center of their showroom.  Your cords and cables will not be safe!


My pick for 2014, though?  This oversize 18 inch Batman from Batman:  Arkham Origins.  Not only does it look awesome, but at 80 dollars, retail?  You’re almost contractually obligated to buy it.


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