Toy Review: DC Collectibles Suicide Squad Harley Quinn (DC Collectibles)

I don’t know if you know this about me or not, but I’m not a big fan of surprises.  At all.  Even though in life you can’t be prepared for […]

I don’t know if you know this about me or not, but I’m not a big fan of surprises.  At all.  Even though in life you can’t be prepared for everything (most things, really), your friendly neighborhood jman likes to fool himself that he can be. Cause in life, most surprises tend to be…ungood.  Like, when you get home from two days at Toy Fair at 8 o clock at night, and it’s nearly 10 below and your car won’t start.


Ugh.  I hate when that happens.

So, no.  Not a big fan of surprises, except when it comes to toys.  Especially when I walk into my local comic shop and see a brand new Harley Quinn action figure hanging on the pegs.

Those are the “good” surprises.


Of course, it leaves me to wonder how I didn’t know these Suicide Squad figures were coming out.  Beings that I spend ten tenths of my day on the internets.  How I missed something like this is beyond me.


No matter, I suppose.  I just feel like I let myself you down.


So…yea.  Anyway.  There’s this new Harley Quinn figure out, everyone!  And if you’re a fan of the new52, you’re gonna wanna get it.  Cause, the figure itself? It’s a great.  I mean…c’mon.  It is Harley Quinn!  And it is DC Collectibles.  What did you expect?


I know.  I know.  I know what you’re gonna ask.  You’re gonna ask:  “Yea.  Great.  Another Harley Quinn figure.  Big deal.  Is she even articulated?”  Look.  If that’s what you’re thinking, then nuts to you!  Of course she’s articulated!  Right down to her red and blue pigtails


Harley also comes with 2 guns that fit nicely in the holsters, when she isn’t being all crazy menacing with them.  The figure also comes packed with Harley’s trademark, ubiquitous (c’mon now.  You gotta admit, that’s a good word…ubiquitous) oversized hammer for stomping heads with.


Here’s the rub, though.  This is the New52 version of Harley Quinn.  Which, I suppose is better than some of the other variations of Harley Quinn that are out there.  But, it’s still not the greatest of designs, either.


But, if you’re a fan of Harley, the new52 or a completist, then it’s a definite must have.  I myself am a fan of Harley, so I was contractually obligated to buy the figure.


Harley was also released with fellow Suicide Squad members Captain Boomerang and Deadshot.  All three figures should still be available at your LCS.  Better get over there and make sure.


I guess there are such things as “good” surprises.



The new episode of the almost internet famous internet show is out.  And were talking Toy Fair 2014!


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