Toy Review: Minimates Wave 54 Captain America (Diamond Select)

Just in time for Captain America:  The Winter Soldier, your friendly neighborhood jman was able to get a hold of Minimates Wave 54 (with many thanks to Zach Oat at […]

Just in time for Captain America:  The Winter Soldier, your friendly neighborhood jman was able to get a hold of Minimates Wave 54 (with many thanks to Zach Oat at Diamond Select for providing the sweet samples, btw.)


I don’t know if you know this about me, but I love Minimates.  I’m not sure what it is about them…maybe it’s their likeness to Lego minifigures. Maybe it’s all that awesomeness crammed into those 2 inch figures.  Who knows.  Alls I know is that they are stupid wicked cool.


I remember when the first three waves of Marvel Minimates hit the stores back in 2003.  Not only did I pick up all four packs of the Spider-Man wave (wave 2) but I picked up extra packs of the Spider-Man/Carnage 2 pack, because there’s something clearly wrong with me just to have extra Spider-Man figures around.


Since that time, Art Asylum and Diamond Select have released hundreds of different Minimates (including DC Characters.  Everyone remember C3?!?!?) And I’ve certainly picked up my fair share over the years.  My favorites being that Spider-Man from the initial waves, Ultimate Spider-Man from Wave 7, DC’s Clayface and Supergirl.  And probably 6 or 7 others I can’t recall now, but will totally kick myself in the arse for not mentioning when I do remember them 3:00 in the morning.


Minimates may have started off as simple 2 inch block figures, but over the years, the figures have become more complex.  Adding pieces to bulk up figures like the Hulk and Clayface or adding additional accessories to just about every figure released these days.


Wave 54 is no exception.  A quasi-Captain America based line (I’d say it was more of a Hydra line), wave 54 consist of:  Fighting Chance Captain America and Robot Red Skull, Winter Soldier and Marvel’s Falcon, Madame Hydra and a Hydra Elite soldier, Baron Strucker and Hydra Elite soldier.


By far, the best figure of the lot is Marvel’s Falcon.  I’m not quite sure why it’s “Marvel’s” Falcon, and not just the Falcon.  I mean, we all know we’re buying Marvel figures, right?!?  It’s not like “Marvel” isn’t emblazoned all over the packaging, either.


Either way, Marvel’s Falcon is the best figure of the series.  From his red, translucent wings (not two sets of wings, mind you.  Art Asylum could’ve easily taken the easy way out with that, but…they didn’t.  Falcon has two sets of wings on each arm) to his clear “flight” base, Falcon takes the line.  Followed quickly by his pack mate, Winter Soldier.


What makes Minimates great, is the attention to detail.  All the figures come with a boatload of guns, knives and swords, right?  But Baron Wolfgang von Strucker?  He comes with the Satan Claw…yea.  That’s right.  That red gauntlet he’d wear from time to time over the years.  Nice touch, Art Asylum.  Nice touch.

My only “complaint” is the duplicate Hydra Elite Soldier in both Baron Strucker and Madame Hydra’s two pack.  If you’re into army building, then it’s not even a legitimate complaint, for you.  Myself?  I’d rather have a different figure, but that’s just me.


If you’re fan of Hydra (and to a lesser extent, Cap) and Minimates, then I’m not quite sure why you haven’t picked up the line, yet…

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