Toy Review: Star Wars Black Series Boba Fett Figure (Hasbro)

In the immortal words of the poet 50 Cent, I know that y’all love Boba Fett like a fat kid love cake.  Your friendly neighborhood jman, though?  I’m not nearly […]

In the immortal words of the poet 50 Cent, I know that y’all love Boba Fett like a fat kid love cake.  Your friendly neighborhood jman, though?  I’m not nearly as enamored of the Mandalorian armor wearing bounty hunter.  All the same, there was no chance on god’s blue marble I was passing a chance up of getting Hasbro’s Black Series Boba Fett figure.  Especially at retail.


What I really wanted, though, was that 2013 Hasbro SDCC exclusive Boba Fett/Han Solo in Carbonite two pack.  Man!  Did I want that 2 pack.  But, noooooo.  I didn’t/couldn’t get a hold of it though, at a decent  price, that is.  Suresuresure, anyone could get it for +150 on eBay.  Who wants to pay that much especially when the final piece of that puzzle, Carbonite Han, is coming out in one of the upcoming waves of the Black Series.


Yea.  I know.  It’s not the same thing, but what you gonna do?  You can only cry in a locked bathroom, cursing the world for your wrongs for so long.  At some point, you gotta get over these things.

And I’m getting stronger every day.


Anyway, Hasbro continues firing on all cylinders with their Black Series.  Boba Fett, as part of the second wave of the 6 inch Black Series (that included Han Solo, Greedo and Slave Leia) is nearly impossible to find at retail.  My buddy, Paco Reban, picked up this one for me.  Because, since series 2 was released late last year?  I haven’t seen Boba Fett hanging on any pegs at any of my local stores.

You guys really love your Boba Fett.


Here’s a recommendation for you…If you haven’t yet, you have got to get a hold of this figure, at retail or not.  And as soon as humanly possible.  Right now, even.  Because, by far, Boba Fett is the best figure of this fairly new line.


The attention to detail is incredible.  From the beat up armor/helmet all the way down to that cloth thing Fett wears over his shoulder that I couldn’t find out anywhere on the internets the name of or what they represent.  Yea, that thing.  Whatever that cloth thing is, it adds to the over awesomeness of the figure.


Fett’s got a ton of articulation, too.  And it’s the good kind of articulation that doesn’t take away from the figure itself.  Arms move this way and that.  His legs twist at the hips, knees and feet.  He’s poseable without taking anything away from the figure’s detailing.


And he comes with all the accessories you need.  EE-3 Carbine rifle, Sacross K-11 blaster pistol and Jetpack (thanks for the info!  You didn’t really think I knew the names of his weapons, did ya?)  My only complaint?  That stupid blaster.  Man!  It took me many extra minutes of struggle to get that rifle into his hands.  I got it in there, but, I was verging on feeling like I was gonna break something really soon.  Probably by me throwing it against the wall.


Other than that, Boba Fett is definitely going to be the figure for Hasbro to beat.  If the rest of the figures of the Black Series line are done half as well as this Fett?  We’ll have much to look forward to…

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