Comic Review: Guardians of the Galaxy: FCBD Special (Marvel)

Free comic book day is almost here, and I just happened to get my hands on a copy of the Guardians of the Galaxy FCBD issue from Marvel comics. Keep […]

Guardians of the Galaxy alternate coverFree comic book day is almost here, and I just happened to get my hands on a copy of the Guardians of the Galaxy FCBD issue from Marvel comics. Keep in mind that this is a FREE COMIC BOOK. If you haven’t been keeping up with Guardians of the Galaxy some of the situations therein might be a bit foreign to you, but it’s free, so what have you got to lose?

I love exposition heavy introductions. Especially when these introductions are actually based on the thoughts and opinions of a particular character connected to the subject but outside enough to have a unique perspective. Case in point, Guardians of the Galaxy’s free comic book day is an explanation of who the Guardians are as told by Tony Stark. So, it’s incredibly colorful. Not to mention classic writing that can be summed up in three words…


Who doesn’t so much write, as he creates Legos with words. Every statement clicks together perfectly, kind of like a Kevin Smith or Quentin Tarantino movie. The dialogue is incredibly witty, and when you’ve got a driving personality behind it like Tony Stark, it even seems sort of characteristic. But it feels more like a movie than an actual conversation between people. It has a very “written” feel, which is stylish, but not at all organic. Then again, if you were looking for something more down to earth I doubt Guardians of the Galaxy would have been your first choice. While Tony describes the Guardians to an unattached third party, the readers are treated to an elaborate battle sequence told through phenomenally detailed art of Nick Bradshaw which connects in perfect time with Tony’s exposition and makes it all seem like it’s happening simultaneously.  Stark doesn’t just describe the mannerisms of the Guardians, we get to see them first hand as this massive battle plays out. And it’s just as entertaining as a story about intergalactic pirates should be.

After the introductions are all out of the way, Tony reveals why he’s called this third party in the first place, and finally it all connects to the ongoing Guardians of the Galaxy storyline. The truly impressive bit is that this is done in 10 pages. The whole book is 20 pages by itself (excluding ads). There are two previews using the remainder of the book, one for a Thanos standalone by Jim Starlin and a unique Spider-Man story by Dan Slott. I’m not reviewing those, since they’re previews, but the Guardians of the Galaxy story inside is short, fast, fun, and informative. If you didn’t know who the Guardians were, who better to tell you than Tony Stark (well, maybe John C Riley, but that could be said about anybody)? Honestly, it’s entertaining as hell and it’s free. I’m having trouble seeing a downside.


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