Comic Review: GODSEND #1 (About Time Comics)

STORY:   Austin is a farm boy seeking to make it in the big city of Boston. However, on his way he encounters an abbot of a monastery carrying an […]


  Austin is a farm boy seeking to make it in the big city of Boston. However, on his way he encounters an abbot of a monastery carrying an unusual sword.

  The abbot is being chased by a group of mercenaries that seem like they were extras from Ra’s Al Ghul’s organization.

  When he makes into the city, Austin takes hold of the sword and he finds himself transformed into a being in a red costume and yellow ace bandages. Which is just in time as the mercenaries have unleashed several demons on to the city!



  Though the themes in this story have been done before, this is a great comic!

  The drawing of Austin’s farm looks just like the Kent farm from the old Richard Donner SUPERMAN movie. The mercenary attack on the monastery is something that’s been seen before.

  Even this comic has the feel of a story from Top Cow Comics. The idea of a mystical artifact giving someone powers is something out of WITCHBLADE or THE DARKNESS. Elements of Shazam/Captain Marvel have influenced this story, but those tributes and nods are what make this an excellent comic!

  The head of the mercenaries was the best developed and fascinating character. Seeing Godsend (I guess his name is) in full costume was sweet and I wanted him to jump through the window and kill demons (I’m assuming that happens in Issue #2).

  Lee Jiles and Peter McLeod can write a fun story! It is implied both are trying to say more about faith and religion in this series, but it is stretched out over several issues.

  The art by Oski Yanez, Eric Dotson, Fletcher Horton, and Nate Tingen is top notch! This issue alone should get the attention of any major comic book publishing company.

  GODSEND #1 is a great, great issue! I want to see more from About Time Comics!

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About Time Comics


Lee Jiles & Peter McLeod, Story

Peter McLeod, Script

Oski Yanez, Pencils

Eric Dotson & Fletcher Horton, Inks

Nate Tingen, Colors

Bram Meehan, Letters

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