Comic Review: Quantum and Woody #10 (Valiant)

Quantum and Woody #10


Written by James Asmus

Illustrated by Kano

Published by Valiant Comics

Release Date:  05/14/2014


Here’s the thing about Quantum and Woody…you can laugh while reading this superhero comic.  When was the last time you read a superhero comic and started laughing?  The answer folks is probably never or you can’t remember (or it was a back issue of Justice League Europe but let’s stay on task here).

Quantum and Woody, published by Valiant Comics, illustrated by Kano (Gotham Central) and written since issue #1 by James Asmus (Gambit) is a breath of fresh air in a world of superhero comics that seems to have gotten too serious for their own good.

Issue #10 continues the story of the foster brothers brought back together after years of estrangement by the death of their father and their accidental power grab due to an unfortunate accident (caused by Woody).

Woody hooks up with an old girlfriend and agrees to rob the Smithsonian Institute with her and her gang for a sacred and powerful Voodoo relic (most likely because she seduced him and he couldn’t help but agree).  His brother Eric (Quantum) is trying to sort out his life, possible career as a superhero, and in the short term working as a for-hire security guard at the museum during the heist.  Issue #10 isn’t necessarily chock full of superhero goodness but the story doesn’t skip a beat.

Kano’s art is stylish and detailed without being weighed down by too many lines or shadows.  James Asmus writes this book with flare, fun, and a comedic style that is a true relief in a world of overly serious and darkly toned superhero comics.

Quantum and Woody #10 is silly, ridiculous, fun, well drawn, and a comic book that is well worth a look.  My guess is, as the story arcs move forward, you can expect more of the same from Quantum and Woody which is just fine for this comic book.

I give this book a 3 out of 5 Saluting Caps.  418274182741827

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