the jman sayeth: Where on Earth(s) is the Crime Syndicate from?

Because no one clamored for it…your friendly neighborhood jman’s almost internet famous internet show debuts on the Fanboy Factor! Transcript of the internet show below: And that, my friends, was […]

Because no one clamored for it…your friendly neighborhood jman’s almost internet famous internet show debuts on the Fanboy Factor!

Transcript of the internet show below:

And that, my friends, was the Crime Syndicate from 2010’s DC Universe animated movie, Justice League:  Crisis on Two Earths.

I know.  I know.  I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking:  Who?

or what

exactly is The Crime Syndicate?  I don’t mind saying, that’s a great question on your part.  A fine one indeed.

And I’m not just kissing up here.

So good, in fact, that your friendly neighborhood jman is gonna spend the next couple of minutes pontificating at great length about.

And you’re gonna wanna notes.  Cause there’s gonna be a quiz.

Where on Earth(s) is the Crime Syndicate from?

The Crime Syndicate is “more or less” the evil versions of the Justice League.  And I totally mean evil, not misunderstood.

If only it were that simple, though.

The most recent incarnation of the Crime Syndicate, the one will be discussing here today, is actually from Earth-3, as opposed to Earth Three.  Earth-3 is part of DC’s new continuity the New52. Earth Three, while very similar to Earth-3, is actually part of DC’s old Pre-Crisis Continuity, where history was “backwards”.  Kind of like the Bizarro World, but different.  That is the old Pre-52 Bizarro World.  In the new52, the Bizarro World

You know.  Forget it.  Forget I said anything.  Let’s just start this over again, but keep it simple as possible.

Where on Earth(s) is the Crime Syndicate from?

The Crime Syndicate was introduced in August of 1964 in Justice League of America (vol. 1) #29.  And just like everything over the years, the Crime Syndicate has been updated any number of times.

Sometimes they were from Earth –Three, as I remember them from.

And other times, they were known as Crime Syndicate of Amerika from Earth 2 from Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly’s 2000 release JLA:  Earth 2.  Which the video at the beginning of the show was based on.

These days, though, it’s simply the Crime Syndicate and they hail from Earth 3.

The question that needs to be asked

No…is not why are you suffering through this show.  It’s why are we discussing the Crime Syndicate today.

Well, the Crime Syndicate has taken over Earth 1

“our Earth”

By “killing” the Justice League in DC’s series Forever Evil.

I’m paraphrasing of course.

And to celebrate the taking over of Earth 1, DC Collectibles has put out a line of figures based on the Crime Syndicate.  And they are awesome.

And that should answer your question why we are discussing the Crime Syndicate today.


Jake roll the title sequencer for the love of all that’s great and holy.


Over the last several weeks, DC Collectibles has been releasing the Crime Syndicate.  Ultraman, Superwoman, Owl Man, Power Ring, Johnny Quick with Atomica and my personal favorite Deathstorm.

First up is Ultraman.  Nonono.  Not that Ultraman.  This Ultraman.  Ultraman also known as Kal II is the evil counterpart to Superman.  He has all the powers of Superman, just none of the regret.  The main difference, besides being evil, is that instead of being depowered by Kryptonite, it makes him stronger.  In fact, he needs it to be Ultraman.  And instead of being a solar battery like Kal el is, sunlight hurts Ultraman.

Next up is Ultraman’s main squeeze, or is it Owl man’s main squeeze?  Superwoman.  Talk about a love triangle!  Apparently, (spoiler alert) she’s pregnant and either Ultraman or Owlman’s the daddy.    Sounds like an episode of Maury Povich.

Which brings us to the third leg or is it third angle of our love triangle Owl Man.  The Earth-3 alternative to Batman, Owlman may or may not be Thomas Wayne Jr.  But, again…it’s kinda complicated.  In Forever Evil, Owlman has got some secret agenda going on, but then again…everyone in the Crime Syndicate has some sort of secret agenda going on.

Then there’s Power Ring.  Also known as Harold Jordan, probably one of the most interesting characters of the Crime Syndicate.  Much like Hal Jordon, Harold Jordan got his ring from a dying Abin Sur.  The difference?  The big difference?  Harold’s ring isn’t for good.  It’s parasite feeding off it’s host.  Abin Sur tricked Harold into taking the ringing, freeing himself.

Which means, Harold fucked, in more ways than one.

Earth-3 also has it speedster equivalent.  That being Johnny Quick.  Me not being known as a real visionary, I already did a write up of Johnny Quick on my website  I wouldn’t be real repetitive here.  But, Barry Allen’s doppleganger

God that’s a great word.  Doppleganger.

Johnny Quick is a real wanker.  And his main squeeze, Atomica, could be the most deadly member of the Crime Syndicate.

Where on Earth(s) is the Crime Syndicate from?

And last but not least, Deathstorm. The “newest” member of the Syndicate, meaning the most recently created, Deathstorm’s origin could be as messed up as Power Rings.  On Earth 3 professor Martin Stein experimented on people to discover the secrets of life, through death.  Blah, blah, blah…Stein fused himself with a corpse

Yes a corpse

And became Deathstorm.

That’s messed up.

Word of the Day:  Editing


And that my friends, concludes your comic book/action figure lesson for today.

As always, i like to thank myself for putting all this shit together.

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As they say in the Philippines:  later days.

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