MARVEL’S IRON MAN: EXTREMIS Now Available from GraphicAudio®


GraphicAudio® A Movie in Your Mind,® in conjunction with Marvel Entertainment, excites your imagination with the release of a full-cast recording of MARVEL’S IRON MAN: EXTREMIS.

Warren Ellis and Adi Granov reimagined Iron Man, the armored Avenger as never before in their graphic novel which is now brought to life with sound effects, music and exceptional character portrayals by GraphicAudio.® This electrifying audio production returns us to Iron Man who, though he has been given life by advanced technology, is now threatened by it. A dangerous terrorist has ingested a new techno-organic virus, transforming him into a superhuman killing machine. Now immensely powerful, but driven mad by the virus’ effects, the terrorist is seemingly unstoppable. To halt this madman’s psychotic rampage, Iron Man must face this dangerous new virus head-on in a life-or-death battle that will forever alter Stark’s calculated balance between man and machine.

MARVEL’S IRON MAN: EXTREMIS GraphicAudio® production features themes and compositions by noted cinematic composers Amotz Plessner and Jean Baptiste Boclè.

Available direct from and via the FREE GraphicAudio Access™ Mobile App which allows customers to directly download titles on their Android or iOS smartphones and tablets.

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