Wizard World Philadelphia 2014. The sights and smells. Pt 1.

It’s hard to believe that yet another Wizard World has come and gone.  But, here we are again, with Wizard World Philadelphia 2014 already in the history books. This year’s show […]

It’s hard to believe that yet another Wizard World has come and gone.  But, here we are again, with Wizard World Philadelphia 2014 already in the history books. This year’s show ran from June 19th – 21st.  As in the years prior, Wizard World was once again held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.  This year, though, the space was much bigger than in past years housing the con’s over 250 exhibitors/vendors in what I unscientifically calculate to be almost 450,000 square feet of space (correction:  630,000 square feet of space!  thanks for the info, Jerry!).

DSC01929Your friendly neighborhood jman, along with my crüe, went on Friday and Saturday.  Friday seemed like it was filled with families, more little kids and such.  A lot of strollers, which in the past, may have been a bit frustrating.  But, not this year.  With all the extra space, it was easy to navigate around stroller disasters, cosplayers getting there pictures taken, and the assorted wide eyed noob.  Saturday, though?   Saturday was crowded.  But, again…the extra space made it so much easier to get around.

I find it amusing how the crowds have changed over the years.  Even over the last +decade Wizard World Philadelphia has been running, the demographics have certainly evolved.  The sheer number of girls/women/females in attendance has grown tremendously.  I don’t have access to any scientific numbers, but where a few years ago it seemed like the only females in attendance (besides the booth girls) were reluctant wives/girlfriends, this year the sheer number of fangirls of all ages was obvious.  And very cool to see.

As in years prior, there was a ton of things to see and do at Wizard World Philly.  The show had an interesting assortment of vendors selling everything and anything.  From corsets and swords (man!  you could not believe the number of vendors selling swords) to toys and expensive works of art.  It was all there waiting to be purchased.DSC01945

And guests, too.  Matt Smith, from Doctor Who fame.  The Winter Soldier himself Sebastian Stan.  Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus, Nathon Fillion and the list goes on.  Batman artist Greg Capullo walked by me not once, but twice.  That was my brush with greatness for 2014.

Artist alley was filled with creators/artist/independent publishers, definitely benefiting from the expanded size of the con.  It was so much easier to stop and browse through a particular artist work without being bumped and jostled.

Disappointingly absent, though?  Most of the big comic book publishers.  No DC booth.  No Marvel booth (even though they had made a small appearance in last year’s Wizard World after not being there for many years prior).  No Image, either.  In fact, the only comic book company I recall seeing was Zenescope.

DSC01951Perhaps Wizard World is shifting it’s focus away from comic books and more to…entertainment?  Becoming more of a pop culture phenomenon and less of a comic con?  Norton/Symantec had a big tent there for X-Men: Days of Future Past.  There was a huge set up for the new sequel to the movie the Purge, as well as displays/setups for zombie runs.

All in all, it was a fun two days.  My kids enjoyed themselves, I didn’t have to wait in any lines and we spent way more money than we should have.  And isn’t that the sign of a successful show?!?!



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