Hurry Help and Support This Indie Comic Book Company! Pronto!

One of the great perks of writing for Fanboy Factor is highlighting my friends and comic book projects that are fun and amazing! Such is the case of Pronto Comics! […]
One of the great perks of writing for Fanboy Factor is highlighting my friends and comic book 
projects that are fun and amazing! Such is the case of Pronto Comics! 

Truth be told, I am working with Pronto Comics on a personal project! And Pronto Comics are 
worth getting involved with! Currently, the good folks at Pronto are running an Indiegogo 
Campaign to help raise funds to help spread the word! 

I was able to speak with Pronto head-honcho Dominic Sparano about Pronto and their 
Indiegogo Campaign! 

First, check out their video here: 

QUESTION: Pronto Comics has been around for five years, why start your own comic book company? 

DOMINIC SPARANO: I didn't set out to actually start a company. When I started I just wanted to be an inker.   In my search to start my career, I went to New York Comic Con (NYCC) and [attended] a panel being run by [comic book creator] Buddy Scalera, called “Creator Connections.” It's an excellent panel which I encourage any independent to go to. While there, I met up with another creator, Achilles Yeldel. He eventually put together a group of people from the comic book experience classes. That became the original group of Pronto Comics founding members. Achilles got in touch with me because I kept emailing him and the group needed an inker As time went on, the group needed more organization and I was asked too be editor-in-chief, and thus my life long labor of love began. 

QUESTION: Currently, Pronto Comics has an Indiegogo campaign going, what will the funds raised go to? 

DOMINIC SPARANO: The funds raised from the Indiegogo campaign, will first, and foremost, go to printing books. After that, [the funds will go] to meeting and convention costs. Basically creating comics and getting them out there.  Hitting the goal though will mean that we can expand how we promote and build a fan base, which helps everyone. The better Pronto Comics is known, the more books we sell, the better we can launch careers  

QUESTION: Do you think it is easier for indie guys to make it work today than say 30 years ago?  

DOMINIC SPARANO: With the internet it it's definitely easier too break in and make comics. You don't even need too print books anymore. All you need is a WordPress or Tumblr [site]. Even finding and working with collaborators is easier. As C.B. Cebulski said a couple of years ago, "The question isn't how to break in, its why aren't you making comics?" 

QUESTION: Are there any comics you wish to highlight that Pronto is publishing?  

DOMINIC SPARANO: I think our “Manganation” line, “Strange Stories” line and “Comicly Absurd Comics” line are fantastic. I give full credit to our managing editor Patrick J. Reilly and "Manganation" editor David Rondinelli for what they have accomplished. Also Dennis Knight's “Cross” continues too amaze me and anything that comes from Danish artist Simon Petersen is just visually stunning. 

QUESTION: Finally, where do you see Pronto in five years? 

DOMINIC SPARANO: In five years I see pronto comics at the level of a First Second Books or Archaia.  We will be the leading company in finding and launching new talent, and essentially being the training ground for the bigger companies - which is exactly in line with the vision we have!   

QUESTION: Thanks, Dominic!   


Visit Pronto Comics IndieGogo Campaign here. 

Images courtesy of Pronto Comics. 

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