the jman sayeth: My top 5(ish) Things in July’s Previews

Ahhhh…the dog days of summer are finally upon us.  Remember all that snow we had just a few short months ago?  God!  I still get nightmares from it!  I’m not […]

Ahhhh…the dog days of summer are finally upon us.  Remember all that snow we had just a few short months ago?  God!  I still get nightmares from it!  I’m not sure I’m ever gonna recover from that winter.

Anywho, what better way to enjoy summer then in a nice air-conditioned room, a glass filled with your favorite ice-cold beverage and the new issue of Previews!  Starting with:

star lord


Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy:  Star-Lord Deluxe jacket.  I’m telling you.  I’m gonna look so bad ass walking around in this jacket.


DC Heroes:  Joker Skin adult mask.  I can not wait to scare all the lil kids on my block with this mask.  On Halloween.  Not any other day of the year.  Nonono.! That’s just wrong.  Yes.  Very wrong.


Batman Eternal #24:  DC Comics.  I’ve been back and forth about this series.  Overall, I feel it’s been all over the place (especially with that art).  But, after a really rough start, it seems to have picked up a bit.  All that being said…look what we have to look forward to:  Spoiler!


Teen Titans:  Earth One:  DC Comics.  I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of the Earth One titles.  Superman was ok.  But Batman:  Earth One?  Ugh.  No thank you.  Still, I haven’t learned my lesson yet and I’m probably gonna take my chance with Teen Titans:  Earth One. Who knows.  Maybe I won’t be disappointed?!?!

the names

The Names #1:  Vertigo Comics.  Now this?  This sounds interesting!  From the press release:  “The 8-issue miniseries (described as “The Wolf of Wall Street” meets “Kill Bill”) centers on Katya Walker, a widow who seeks to take on the world of high-end finance run by a cabal of the 1% to discover who killed her husband and why.”  Watch out 1%!  Maybe the masses are finally onto ya!

poison ivy

Batman:  the Animated Series Poison Ivy figure:  DC Collectibles.  Of all the important Kenner/Hasbro Batman:  the Animated Series figures, Poison Ivy was the only one I never got.  And I’m pretty embarrassed to admit that, too.  But, I know we build up, not tear down.  And I’m also fine admitting it here, because I know we don’t judge.  And, because, I’ll be picking this one up in a New York minute to make up for the shame I have brought unto myself.


DC Bombshells Harley Quinn Holiday statue:  DC Collectibles.  I’ll be putting this one right next to the original one.  Yes.  I know.  I knowiknowiknow.  It’s basically a repaint.  But…look at her.  She’s…she’s…Harley Quinn.


Lazarus #11:  Image Comics.  I finally managed to get myself caught up on this book.  The only reason I fell behind was because I missed an issue, forgot that I missed said issue and fell even further behind.  Now that I’m all caught up, I’m looking forward to see what all those crazy cats in the Carlyle family are up to…


Jupiter’s Legacy #5Image Comics.  Man!  It’s about time!!!


Clive Barker’s Nightbreed #5:  Boom! Studios.  Look.  It’s the Halloween issue of Previews.  You’ve got to pick up at least one horror book.  And I think a book featuring a woman with an unborn (undead?) fetus sticking (growing?) out of her head more than qualifies.

death of wolverine

Death of Wolverine #1:  Marvel Comics.  I’m getting it.  You’re getting it.  Let’s just stop pretending we’re disgusted by the whole “death being overused” thing and move on with our lives.

edge of spiderverse

Edge of the Spider-verse #1:  Marvel Comics.   I’m pretty interested in seeing what this whole Spider-verse thing is about.  Especially with Superior Spider-man coming back!  Can not wait to see Otto back in action!  Go figure!

haven’t you heard by now?  the internet show is back!  what are you waiting for?  go get your laff on!!!

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