Pocket Pop! Keychains!

Funko is excited to announce the brand new Pocket Pop!’s Keychains line!

Wish you could take Daenerys with you wherever you go?

Want Batman to always be at your side to protect you from danger?

You’re in luck!

We have just the thing for you to add a Pop! of

Pocket Pop! Keychains are collectable miniaturized Pop!’s. Each Pocket Pop! Keychain is 1.5″ inches tall and comes on a key ring. These collectible Pocket Pop! Keychains have all the same features as your standard Pop!’s, but are shrunk down to fit comfortably in your pocket!

The first wave of the Pocket Pop! Keychains will include the following characters:

funko key 01

Never lose the keys to the Batmobile again!

funko key 02

Dont’cha think this Harley Quinn Pocket Pop! is just ta kill for, puddin’?

funko key 03

If your dragons are still too young to fly, keep your keys on this Daenerys Pocket Pop! Keychain!

funko key 04

Keep him on your keys and Jon Snow will lead you to victory!

funko key 05

Pocket Pop! Keychain, Daryl Dixon will teach you a thing or two about survival!

funko key 06

You don’t know what it’s like out there, but with Rick Grimes on your keys you’ll feel safe no matter what!

funko key 07

funko key 08

funko key 09

funko key 11

These Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle keychains will help you navigate the sewer system!

Available in Fall 2014!

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