the jman sayeth: My top 5(ish) Things in August’s Previews

And…here we are yet again, folks.  Summer’s last hurrah, if you can even call what we had as “summer”.  But, you gotta deal with the hand you’re dealt with, amiright?  […]

And…here we are yet again, folks.  Summer’s last hurrah, if you can even call what we had as “summer”.  But, you gotta deal with the hand you’re dealt with, amiright?  And when push comes to shove, when summer’s long, hot days slowly give way to Fall’s impending cool embrace, there’s still one thing to look forward to…




Earth 2:  World’s End.  DC Comics.  Another weekly title from DC Comics.  Two reasons why I’m gonna follow this one.  First, the book Earth 2, is a damn fine book.  Probably one of the best DC currently has going on.  And two?  It’s got to be leading into some sort of acknowledgment of next year’s 30th anniversary of Crisis on Infinite Earths.


The Multiversity:  the Just #1.  DC Comics.  I know.  I know.  I know I’m totally gonna regret picking up this book.  But, you gotta admit, the cover is pretty clever.   So, I’ll see what the deal is with this Earth 16.


Batman and Robin #35.  DC Comics.  Where we stand right now, Batman’s trying to get his arse to Apokolips.  And while the Justice League is holding him back, you know he’s gonna get there.  With the help of some sweet armor said Justice League helped build for him.

batgirl #35

Batgirl #35.  DC Comics.  The talk of the internets lately.  We’ll finally get to see if all the internet rage was justified.  My guess?  Probably not.

harley #11

Harley Quinn #11.  DC Comics.  This series has been “meh” at best.  Although, I am a big fan of Chad Hardin’s artwork.  So why get this issue?  Easy.  Power girl.  Nuff said.


DC Comics Designer Series 3.  DC Collectibles.  As much as I can’t stand Batman’s cape, this is probably the first series of this line that I’ll be picking up all the figures.

DC Collectibles Bombshells Hawkgirl Statue

DC Bombshells Hawkgirl.  DC Collectibles.  While I really like the designs of the Bombshells line (except for Zatanna.  Not crazy about that one), I’ve been finding the statues themselves have been rather lackluster.  With the exception of Harley Quinn, the Bombshells line hasn’t looked nearly as good in person as the production pics have.  That being said, Hawkgirl’s looking pretty good, so I’ll be putting her on my want list.  With my fingers crossed.


Wytches #1.  Image Comics.  I’ve been finding Scott Snyder a little hit or miss, lately.  While I love the shit out of his run on Batman and I enjoy American Vampire enough, I found the Wake ran out of steam a bit.  And I can’t figure out what the devil is going on with Batman Eternal.  So…I’m willing to see where Wytches goes.  For the time being.

east of west

East of West:  the World.  Image Comics.  God.  I hope this book fills in some of the blanks of this story.  Sometimes I can’t tell heads from tails in this book.


The Duffs mini-figures.  Duff beer for me.  Duff beer for you.  I’ll have a Duff.  You’ll have one too…


Jubilee Bishoujo statue. Kotobukiya.  Uhhh…speaks for itself, don’t it?

death of wolverine deadpool

Death of Wolverine:  Deadpool and Cap.  Marvel Comics.  Whatever about the death of Wolverine.  I’m just hoping that this book is as entertaining as the cover is selling it to be.

thor #1

Thor #1.  Marvel Comics.  Any card carrying comic book fan is picking this book up, amiright?  Yet another book that’s marketing has set the internets afire.  Just like Batgirl #35, here’s hoping the book overshadows all the fuss.

hawkeye #22

Hawkeye #22.  Marvel Comics.  One of the best books, period.  Great book.  Sad to see it end.  Fraction and Aja…you did a great job on this book.  Thanks for the memories…


Spider-verse Skottie Young poster.  Marvel Comics.  While I’m a fan of Skottie’s covers, they’re usually variants.  And your friendly neighborhood jman ain’t no fan of variants.  At all.  So, I’m thanking Marvel for making this awesome cover into a poster.  Now, I just gotta find a place for it.

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