Marvel Limited Exclusives: Guardians, Avengers, Star Trek & More

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Just as we head into the holidays ReedPOP is offering very cool New York Comic Con Marvel exclusives to fans across the country.

All of these items are limited edition and won’t be produced again! Across the board, we’ve got some great Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dare Devil and even Star Trek and Star Wars apparel, just to name a few!


These items are truly limited and won’t be available past 12/31, they would definitely want to get their hands on it. We are also doing a big Black Friday deal and it will be 25% off site wide on ReedPOP Supply Co. so that would include all of the awesome Marvel exclusives!




NYCC_Catbug_PizzaMessenger Bag HUN_SW_HanDress_01 HUN_ST_LLAP_Hoodie_Full HUN_MVL_BlackWidowSweater_Front HUN_DW_TardisUnionJackCardigan_Front_02 HUN_DW_Doctors Guardians of the Galaxy Pin Set DRW Something Blue Vneck Tee Darth Vader Flower Dress Catbug Plush Small BEE & PUPPYCAT BIG APPLE 14305_Daredevil_Logo 14293_Ant-Man_Logo 14273 Rocket Raccon Plush 14231_Mens_SSR 14221_AoU_Logo 14218_Nova_Trainee_Front

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