SDCC 2016 Skybound Exclusives

San Diego Comic Con 2016 is JUST around the corner, MEANING 1) it’s the most exciting time of the year 2) our lives are busier than ever and 3) it’s […]

San Diego Comic Con 2016 is JUST around the corner, MEANING 1) it’s the most exciting time of the year 2) our lives are busier than ever and 3) it’s time to announce our Skybound exclusives!

Street Fighter Copy- $15

The world’s most legendary fighting franchise is now in your Superfight deck. Use these cards on their own or with other Superfight decks to bring classics like Ryu, Chun-Li, and M. Bison off the screen and onto your table for the most epic battles you’ve ever argued about. No button mashing, just good old fashion debate.

Orange Deck 2- $15

Orange Deck 2 boldly goes where no Orange deck has gone before. With 100 new cards from your favorite nerdy books, movies, comics and TV shows, your deck will be shiny and chrome all the way to Valhalla.

Red 2-$15

The Red Deck was gross, but you bought it anyway. And now you’re back for more? You disgust us, and we love you. Red Deck 2 has 100 more horribly offensive cards that you definitely shouldn’t bring home to your family.


The Mindcrack deck adds 24 characters and 76 attributes created by your favorite Mindcrack content creators for all their fans. Now you can finally know who wins: Aureylian with a glorious beard, or Guude wearing a dinosaur costume.

Nerdy Red Flags-$12

Nerdy Red Flags is an expansion to Red Flags that adds 75 nerdy perks and red flags to your game. Now your dream date can be your favorite Doctor and live in Hogwarts, but beware, they’ll look exactly like Jabba the Hut and talk like Mario.

Sexy Red Flags-$12

Sexy Red Flags is an expansion to Red Flags that adds 75 inappropriate perk cards to your game. So get ready to blush, because these cards are gross, but you’ll want them anyway. (Just don’t forget the safe word.)

Lucille 34” Replica Bat- $40

Lucille is back and this time at a full 34 inches Perfect for smashing heads or a quick game of softball (just mind the barbed wire and the zombies). She was immortalized by the death of a certain pizza boy, but she still has so much blood to shed!


Lucille 4” Keychain Blind Boxes- $10

You can finally take your favorite skull-crushing bat with you everywhere you go! Presenting Lucille in 4-inch vinyl form, and a key ring for easy transportation. Available in multiple colors, both regular and blood splattered, plus a few rare colors.


Saga Figure Alana and Marko 2-Pack ($50)

Skybound is proud to present Alana and Marko from Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staple’s groundbreaking series Saga, available in action figure form for the first time! Each figure stands 5 inches and is paired with iconic weapons, like Alana’s mace and Marko’s sword. These figures were designed by McFarlane Toys and will be available at our Saga Shop booth #2629B.
Outcast Volume 2 Hardcover ($30)

This convention exclusive edition collects OUTCAST by KIRKMAN & AZACETA issues #7-12 in hardcover for the first time!
The Walking Dead Compendium Three Hardcover ($100)

This limited-run hardcover edition of Compendium 3 is gold foil-stamped and contains THE WALKING DEAD issues 97-144!
The Walking Dead’s Negan and Glenn 2 pack Action figure Set ($50)

Eeny meeny miny moe, Negan chooses San Diego. Skybound and McFarlane Toys are bringing back The Walking Dead’s most despised villain to San Diego Comic-Con and this time they’re bringing Glenn along for the ride. This exclusive 2-pack features Negan with Lucille, Glenn and an exclusive smashed Glenn head, straight out of The Walking Dead’s issue 100. This limited edition set comes in 2 color variants, Color Blood Splattered and Black & White.


Outcast Limited Edition Watch ($65)

Limited edition San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Outcast watch from Vannen. Only 250 pieces available. Each watch features glossy, full-color artwork on the dial with Index Markings and Outcast logo printed on the inside surface of the crystal. The back of the watch and crown feature custom Outcast engravings unique to this design. Each watch also come packaged in a full-color Outcast sleeve.

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