Comic Review: Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #2 (DC Comics)

The issue starts off with the Sentient Green Lantern Planet Mogo residing in some uncharted part of space. Residing inside Mogo the living planet are the battle-scarred Green Lantern Corps. […]

The issue starts off with the Sentient Green Lantern Planet Mogo residing in some uncharted part of space.

Residing inside Mogo the living planet are the battle-scarred Green Lantern Corps. In this current run, as established in the prior (issue # 1), the GLC are trying to get back on their feet and struggling since they’ve been outcast and abandoned by all who used to believe in the GLC. With John Stewart as the New Corps Leader (in Jordan’s absence) he struggles with the loss of lanterns, collateral damage and lack of resources for the battle damaged corps.

Meanwhile, somewhere else across the cosmos, Hal Jordan is seeking the whereabouts of the GLC as he comes face to face with a Sinestro Corps member Slushh. In between Hal’s scuffle, the story shifts to the new Sinestro Corps inhabited base of WarWorld . The Sinestro Corps are seen adjusting comfortably as the GLC’s replacements as the new guardians of the universe. While the Parallax infused Sinestro observes the landscape of the planet, his daughter Soranik (A former GLC member) confronts her father about his deception of causing Soranik to leave the GLC in favor of the Sinestro Corps due to the fear of her father’s decline in health while bonded to the Parallax entity. Sinestro reveals that he intends for his daughter Soranik to Ā take up the legacy of the Sinestro Corps and turn it into something good. But once Slushh contacts Sinestro about Hal Jordan’s presence, Sinestro flares up in anger and Soranik smirks with a sense of hope.

Hal Jordan is displayed to be much in control of his new ring and seems to be more capable than ever when encountering such threats from members of the Sinestro corps. Meanwhile, John Stewart accompanied by Kilowog assigns Guy Gardner on a recon mission to scout the outskirts of the sector that Mogo resides to see where they stand within the cosmos as they still recover their ranks.

Hal Jordan chases after Sinestro Corps member Slushh to a planet where it’s locals are afraid. As soon as Hal initiates an investigation on the dominant Sinestro Corps activity, the other members of the Sinestro Corps spring an attack on Jordan while kidnapping the locals on that planet.

“Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps” #2 was a very well paced (or at least to me, a fast paced) issue. There were really no dull moments in this comic. Writer Robert Vendetti (who’s been writing the GL books for the last few years since Geoff Johns ended his run) displays his seasoned writing talent and continues to tell a balanced story showcasing panel time for each character in the book. John Stewart, Hal Jordan, Soranik, and Sinestro each display their motivations as the story progress. While Hal Jordan is seeking the whereabouts of the corps, John Stewart does his best to hold the remaining GLC together. In between all this, Sinestro continues to maintain his Corp’s status quo as the new guardians, while Soranik struggles with the choices she’s made. Vendetti gets right to the point , Ā and while the writing is well paced, illustrator Rafa Sandoval’s art compliments it pretty well, and it manages to keep the aesthetic of the story as fun and exciting as the writing does.

A solid issue. I only wonder what will happen down the road when things come to ahead between Jordan, the GLC and Sinestro Corps once all things intersect. I have to add that I’m really enjoying DC Rebirth’s character driven arcs that make it surprisingly interesting to read and stick to than most of the recent stuff coming out of Marvel. Now I’m not saying that Ā Marvel isn’t publishing good books (Jeff Lemire’s Moon Knight and the Ultimates title are some of the very good books), it’s just that there aren’t as many good character driven arc’s as most of DC’s Rebirth line has been pumping out.

Obviously, this happens in comics where both companies will

have some solid books here or there among the rest, but who knows how long DC can keep this up. All I ask is that they keep up the quality that the Rebirth line has been able to dish out thus far.

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