Comic Review: The Flash # 5 (DC Comics)

The comic begins with the character Meena (aka Fast Track) narrating the story, giving a crash course intro on how the recent speed force that started the series endowed her […]

The comic begins with the character Meena (aka Fast Track) narrating the story, giving a crash course intro on how the recent speed force that started the series endowed her with her powers and how she utilizes it to help those at Star Labs hone their skills and find understanding of those abilities.

When she isn’t doing that, she’s helping fight crime with The Flash, Detective Heart, and the other speedsters. As she reflecting on how she and the other newfound speedsters foiled Dr. Carver aka The Black Hole’s evil plot. It’s revealed that she’s reflecting on this during her date with Barry Allen aka The Flash. After Barry revealed to Meena who he is from the last issue, they’ve been getting pretty comfortable.

Later Barry catches up with Iris to give her an update on his personal life. Meanwhile, back at the Star Labs speedster facility, Speedster Detective August Heart is observing the progress of the new found speedsters. Heart suggests to Meena upon arrival that they could push the new recruits  abilities further by having them dodge bullets, which Meena objects to. But as soon as she gets into a heated discussion with heart, she senses Wally West (Not the Pre-Flash point one, the new 52 one), hanging around outside the facility and decides to invite him. What follows after is Fast Track teaching N52 Wally some skills that she learned from Barry. Fast Track shows that aside from speed she can sense others with the speed force, while Wally reveals that he can produce lightning. But as soon as he’s getting seasoned, some citizens are in danger and without hesitation, the speedsters rush to save them.

After the rescue, Wally reveals to fast track that he doesn’t want to go to enter the Star Labs facility with the fear of getting his loved ones (like his aunt iris) in danger, thus Fast Track decides to privately train Wally by herself from here on out. Meanwhile, Barry arrives at a crime scene that his boss and his friend Heart are already taking care of. After Barry’s boss gives him crap about his lateness and being behind his workload (who doesn’t have those problems right?) Heart reminds Barry that he isn’t alone in balancing his life as a cop, a superhero and now a boyfriend to Fast Track. But all good things must come to an end as the Star Labs facility is attacked by God Speed.  Fast Track does her best to face off against him but fails.  While The Flash and Heart are speeding their way to Star Labs, to his shock, Barry finds that Fast Track’s costume is the only thing left in the rubble among a couple of damaged , injured and dead speedsters.

Personally, this series is keeping a good pace thanks to Joshua Williamson’s writing. The issue was a very quiet issue, that focused less on Barry and more on Fast Track and the other characters in Barry’s circle. In addition, the artwork by Felipe Watanabe is just as good. What I find interesting and smart is having a round table of illustrators who’s art styles complement each other in terms of likeness and continuity. It’s a nice transition from Neil Googe art from Issue 4 and Carmine Di Giandomenico (who’s been drawing the first couple of issues). I think my only complaint at the moment is wondering when Pre 52 Wally will get involved down the line in the series. It feels like the CW TV show in terms of the pacing, which Is a good thing. Another solid issue so far.

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