Comic Review: The Flash #6 (DC Comics)

“I took a criminal off the streets.. And the others were just wasting their powers…” The mystery of Godspeed and the disappearance of Meena continues in the 6th part of […]

“I took a criminal off the streets.. And the others were just wasting their powers…”

The mystery of Godspeed and the disappearance of Meena continues in the 6th part of the Revenge arc!! The story drives off where the last issue left off with Barry aka The Flash , frantically juggling between cases while also investigating the attack that was targeted at S.T.A.R Labs by Godspeed.  Tensions run high between Barry, New 52 Wally, the  S.T. A.R labs Speedsters,  and most especially with Barry’s friend August.

The tension really builds up and doesn’t break pace. The comic actually is well paced and is a quick read leaving you wanting to read more. I don’t want to spoil stuff in the comic, but when It is revealed who Godspeed is, it’s quite similar to how the CW tv show would do things where the villain turns out to be someone in the cast that no one expected to be. But it’s a good reveal, despite the fact that I kinda wish that the identity of Godspeed was someone else that isn’t really part of Flash’s cast of characters, but someone from somewhere else, but that’s just me.

The writing by Joshua Williamson still managed to tell a well-paced story that doesn’t get boring and keeps up to speed (no pun intended… Kind of. Okay, I lied, pun intended, can you really blame me?). On a serious note, I liked the dialogue and it shows that 6 issues in Williamson understands the characters, and their voices and what makes them different from each other instead of being typical carbon copies as such. There is something that I like that Williamson addresses when Barry confronts his friend Augustin a heated discussion about right and wrong and comparing each other’s burdens , and there is a line that August says to Barry which was addressed perfectly to Barry stating “You barely knew her Barry. You and Meena weren’t some great Love Affair for the ages. So don’t turn Meena into for you to make into another life story”.  That line August confesses to Barry was perfect and perfectly sums up the tropes the TV show tends to have, and kinda satirizes Barry and his need to justify his life through that. This shows that Williamson knows what he’s doing tackling the characters and also addressing their flaws that make them who they are.

There is a cool moment on page 6 which Barry discusses about Meena’s disappearance and how it reminds him of what happened to him at one point in time or in another life. What’s cool about that page is that it’s an homage to his death in The classic 1980’s Crisis on Infinite Earths where he decays as he disappears into the speed force to save the world.  It’s cool to see that illustrated , especially with returning illustrator Carmine Gi Di Giandomenico back on the book to pay homage with that moment.

The art for this issue was superb and while the other artists who filled in for the last two issues were good, it’s great to see Giandomenico come back to the book as things start to kick off in this part in the current arc. A good book and I recommend it to anyone who is a Flash fan, and since there have been five issues prior, now is a good time to catch up while this arc is still going since it’s still a fresh jumping on point for this series.


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