Comic Review: Action Comics #965 (DC Comics)

“ You’ve sacrificed a lot. Lately, everything we’ve done has been for Superman. It’s time we focus on you.” The mystery of a human Clark Kent, the disappearance of the […]

“ You’ve sacrificed a lot. Lately, everything we’ve done has been for Superman. It’s time we focus on you.”

The mystery of a human Clark Kent, the disappearance of the Geneticron Building and other building problems for Superman and his family continues! Except this time, this part of the ongoing story is centered around OG Pre 52/ Pre-Flashpoint/ Superman’s wife Lois Lane seeking out a specific individual who may have the answer to the mysteries that plague Lois Lane in her dreams. That specific individual that Lois Lane is searching for is none other than… Lois Lane? No, not an Imposter, but the Lois Lane of this earth (New 52). Apparently in the middle of the disappearance of Geneticron Building, and Superman’s investigation of the Human Clark Kent, Lois has been plagued by dreams from her younger (New 52) counterpart, who requests help from Lois to get to the bottom of a mystery that concerns her life, and may concern the lives of all the people of Metropolis.

The comic interestingly opens up in a way one wouldn’t have expected with Lois Lane entering the Daily Planet and remembering what It was like back in the old timeline when she used to work live and thrive in. As she enters her old workplace, having nostalgia creep in while simultaneously faced with new people and situations that vary from her old timeline, She intends to investigate and find out what happened to this world’s Lois Lane. What happened to this world’s Lois? How did she disappear? And what does it have to do with the human Clark Kent? And how does it connect to Geneticron and their hidden agendas on Metropolis and Superman? It’s a really gripping tale that Dan Jurgen’s is knocking it out the park with. There are some really cool moments in this issue but you’ll have to see it yourself when you read the issue. Especially by the end of this book where Lois discovers that someone has been watching her, and by association is connected to the deceased (New 52) Superman. No one knows this individual’s motives and what she intends to do or confesses to our protagonist of this book, but one thing’s for sure, It’ll add more to this Iceberg of an awesome mystery tale.

Dan Jurgen’s has been hitting it off strong with each issue of Action Comics since it started post-Rebirth. Especially in this arc where “ Superman, meet Clark Kent” chapter transitions to the current “Lois Lane, Back at the Planet” chapter is just seamless in terms of the build-up of the mysteries that are steadily aligning within this arc. What I find most interesting and entertaining about this arc specifically is that Lois Lane is the main character of this chapter. It’s been a real long time since the Pre 52/Pre Flashpoint era where there are certain stories where Lois Lane is center stage, and this issue does a fantastic job in introducing and strengthening Lois as a character who is more than just Superman’s wife. She’s a journalist, and she’s had tons of experience as an investigative reporter to hold her own weight in this title and series.

It’s great to see Lois interact with this world’s (New 52) Perry White and her unexpected reaction to this world’s Lex Luthor and her comparisons to the pre 52 Lex Luthor  who was more prominently evil. There are conversations between Superman and Lois that I enjoy both for nostalgia and for how well executed their relationship has been portrayed in this title. Personally for me, when the New 52 started out, it always felt so empty with Superman book’s due to the lack of Superman and Lois’s relationship and how weak and likable they were in comparison to the OG Superman and Lois who are people you actually believe and are invested in. One extra thing I’d like to mention is how self-aware Lois is in this issue. Although she s able to blend in with this world’s Daily Planet staff, she knows she’s older and slightly different looking than her younger counterpart. I thought that was humorous and very awarding for readers who like to be addressed of the distinct differences between our protagonists and this world’s younger counterparts(especially when she interacts with the mysteriously human Clark Kent). Dan Jurgen’s is living up to his legacy as a Superman/ Action Comics writer who has a fantastic grasp on the characters, and their relationships, distinct similarities and vastly distinct differences. It works so well! I hope to see Dan stay on to tell more great stories after this arc and hopefully continue to write until they finally reach a milestone issue 1,000. This current series is keeping that legacy of Superman and Action Comics itself alive and thriving, and this issue while small and isolated, still delivers and connects to the overarching mystery that the Superman family are faced with.

The art by this issue’s artist Stephen Segovia is fantastic and does a great job at illustrating Lois and the rest of the cast in this issue. Funny enough, there is no big, bang, boom action in this book. Segovia does an exemplary job at drawing scenes of normal people conversing while also making it look illustratively engaging. You don’t get bored , you don’t get tired of the dialogue and the art helps the good dialogue keep the story strong. This issue is a good example of an illustrator who is able to draw normal scenes of people in rooms, sitting and talking which is something that not a lot of illustrators can accomplish, and it shows in this issue that he can balance normal scenes while also drawing dynamic action (no pun intended). The ink’s by Art Thibert is fantastic and blends well with Segovia’s pencils in a complementary way, which I have no complaints about. The colors by Arif Prianto helps cement the characters and environments in a vibrant way that it doesn’t distract the reader from the story and adds more volume to everything around the characters.

This is a solid entry in the current arc that Dan Jurgens has been crafting thus far since the beginning of his DC Rebirth run, and he seems to know how to keep a steady course within this title. The artists, inkers, and letterers all do their part, helping to keep the story flow seamlessly despite the rotating team of artists within each chapter. This is a perfect time to be a Superman fan, and a great time to be a Superman where stories are flourishing, with fun, and engaging stories that remind you why Action Comics, (especially this issue) is so great. Definitely pick this title up, if you’re a Superman fan who has been keeping up with the current arc, you’ll enjoy this issue.

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