Comic Review: Action Comics #966 (DC Comics)

“ …She’s gone, Clark. Vaporized. Right in front of me. Just like my Clark was.” After Lois Lane’s run in with Lana Lang aka Lana Lang, the mystery of this […]

“ …She’s gone, Clark. Vaporized. Right in front of me. Just like my Clark was.”

After Lois Lane’s run in with Lana Lang aka Lana Lang, the mystery of this world’s Lois Lane is resolved here in Lois Lane: Back at the Planet part 2. The story continues with Superman teaching his son Jon how to you his microscopic vision to see objects from vast distances. After some training, Superman realizes that Jon’s powers are steadily developing. Jon can outrun his own father in a race, makes you wonder how that’ll go should the race any of the other flash family members. Despite the observation of his son’s powers, both he and his son realize that Lois is missing and that is where the real story begins.

This issue continues to do what the issues have done prior, which is build on and answer questions about certain mysteries that are plaguing our protagonists. When Superman, Lois, and Lana discover about what appears to be the true fate of this world’s (New 52) Lois Lane, it shakes them all to their core and makes the reader wonder whether any of the other supers may suffer a similar fate like their Superman has. This issue does make note that this world’s Lois’s fate was revealed in Phil Jiminez’s Superwoman series (read issue 2 so you can see what actually happened). Although you don’t have to read Superwoman since this issue gives summary and addresses the fallout without the reader having to know. But reading Superwoman issues 1 and 2 does help to paint a clearer picture as to what happened to this world’s Lois Lane. This issue much like the last issue is very centered on Lois Lane and zeroes in on her as a character. There are some great scenes between Superman and Jon in terms of informing Jon that he will have to be understanding of his mother whenever she has to deal with work related things. Other scenes such as  Lois , Superman and Lana Lang (Superwoman) discussing what to do to honor the ones that have been lost to such circumstances are well handled.

Dan Jurgens is still doing a consistently good job at writing Action Comics and really playing with different aspects of the genre. These last few arcs have been playing with mystery themes, questioning the motives and circumstances that surround our protagonists. Such characters like the mysteriously human Clark Kent, the disappearance of this world’s Lois Lane, Geneticrons suspicious activities and a new threat all help to build a broad canvas of what is to come. Jurgens Action Comics current issue has been a good read. Sometimes it can be hard to imagine how anyone can differentiate between which superman, which Lois lane when it’s said in dialogue a couple of times. Multiverses can be a pain at times. Luckily, if you’ve been following this story since Rebirth, you won’t be confused in terms of who our protagonists are. Regardless, this was a great issue.

The art by  Stephen Segovia and inks by Art Thibert are as fantastic in this issue as they were in the last issue. Segovia does a superb job at displaying the youthfulness of Jon, the crackling power of Lana Lang/ Superwoman, the Awe of Superman, and the confidence of Lois Lane. Each character is drawn with a distinct style that feels as though they were tailored with attention and detail.  Thirberts Inks help volumize each of the characters and figures that were penciled by Segovia. Rob Leigh’s letters serve its purpose as usual and the colors Ulises Arreola are beautifully executed in this issue. This has been a good series so far, and this was definitely a great issue that satisfies in addressing revelations and fallouts as it did for the Superwoman series. Definitely, pick this issue up.

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