Comic Review: Harley Quinn #5 (DC Comics)

Issue #5 is part 1 of Undercover Punker, an arc which sees Harley with a look that I think may just be my favourite ever, lead singer in a punk […]

Issue #5 is part 1 of Undercover Punker, an arc which sees Harley with a look that I think may just be my favourite ever, lead singer in a punk band,full Mohican, ripped tights and all!! An amazing look.

First, though we cut back to Harley being awoken -surrounded by a menagerie of animals- by Knights on horseback with automatic lances hijacking a mail truck driven by her favourite mailman Mr. Ben. He had a delivery from Arkham for her but the gang grabbed it along with others before a shotgun toting, nightie wearing Harley interrupted them and probably would have stopped them if not for the thought of ponycide. It turns out these Knights have been committing crimes all over the country and the chief of police know that they are a punk band but can’t touch them without proof which is where Harley comes in, to take them down ‘off the books’

After taking the chiefs driver on a pizza tour of Brooklyn it ends the only way it could, no not like THAT! Harley ain’t that kinda gal! Moving on, after bernie grudgingly gives her the idea of starting up a punk band to infiltrate the gang she sets about rounding up her crew’s musical talents. A little harder than she assumed she eventually had a guitarist and drummer but still needed a bassist, enter Red Tool who was on a mission with his trusty duck call and new arm (which I think enjoyed the mission a little more than he did) once he is aboard its time for Harley’s transformation! A little disappointed with the underwhelming reaction to her new look especially after putting herself on display Harley storms off to get ready. The issue ends with the post robbing punk band rifling through their haul and finding what unbeknownst to them can only be Harleys parcel and without giving away what it is I will just say when Harley finds out they won’t know what hit them!!

I love this issue, it shows that yeah Harley is crazy but she cares about everything and everyone she meets even down to the postman. Her gang’s pet names for her are things like nutbag, nutmuffin,nutbuckets and just fit perfectly and all of them just go along with whatever scheme she brings to them without questioning the craziness
Red Tool is fast becoming a favourite of mine, with him having to justify his use of a duck call at sea and can’t wait to see when his new arm is going to reveal its true potential.

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