Toy Review: Marvel Retro Cloth Spider-Man Action Figure Gift Set (Diamond Select)

Spider-Man gets a new Mego upgrade. As I stated in my previous review of Daredevil, I grew up on Mego. And I loved them. Diamond Select with EMCE, ended up […]

Spider-Man gets a new Mego upgrade.

As I stated in my previous review of Daredevil, I grew up on Mego. And I loved them. Diamond Select with EMCE, ended up reproducing the Spider-Man Mego with some modern twists making it so awesome.

Spider-Man was one of the Megos I had growing up, so this is just so cool to me just to have a reproduction of it. But it gets better. Like Daredevil, it comes with one figure, three outfits, three heads, multiple hands, and various other accessories. The outfits are a repro of the original Mego, one that’s updated with today’s material, and a secret identity.

First up is the repro Spider-Man. This looks so like the one I grew up with it’s not even funny. The two main differences are this body is superior to the old Mego bodies. It was extremely smart for Diamond to team up with EMCE. The body has been reinforced but doesn’t lose any of the mobility.  The parts are very easy to swap onto the body. You just need to be care with the costumes as they are cloth. And then there’s the packaging. It’s the old box one, but some of the graphics have been changed to go along with the new sets Diamond is putting out.

The repro Spider-Man is exactly like I remember. This is so awesome. Truly makes me feel like a kid again.

Next up is the modern take on the iconic Spider-Man costume. Unlike the original Mego, this Spider-Man head had the webs painted onto his head. There are also webs under his arms, that some artists include. this time around instead of a one piece unitard, he has removable boots. He comes with 3 sets of hands. Fists. Open hands, if you want to simulate him crawling up the wall. And finally the shooting the web hands. He also comes with 2 web shooters and a belt for those of you who want to relive the Nicholas Hammond era. Huge improvement on everything.

Finally, there’s the alter ego costume. You can turn Spider-Man into Peter Parker. The outfit comes from John Romita’s run on the book. Pants, white shirt, and a yellow sweater vest. He also comes with glasses that he wore during the first couple of issues of Spider-Man. Finally, a camera that fits nicely in his hands.

The set again comes with a booklet that talks about the history of the Spider-Man Mego, Spider-Man action figure, and other Spider-Man facts. It’s pretty cool.

This is such an awesome set. The only really problem I had is my 4 year LOVES Spider-Man, so doesn’t look like I’m keeping this set for myself. But you know what, giving it to him feels like I’m passing something down from my childhood.

Enjoy it son. I hope you love it as much as I did!

Marvel Retro Cloth Spider-Man Action Figure Gift Set is available now at your local comic shop or online.

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