Tom King and Mikel Janin’s I Am Suicide arc continues.

This time around, the narrative focus is now focused on Batman. What was on Batman’s mind when prior to as well as during his infiltration through Bane’s island lair? What are his thoughts on Selina and her decisions ? Will he see her differently ? And how will he succeed in bringing Psycho Pirate to justice?

Tom King is really doing a fantastic job with each internal monolog since the beginning of this arc. First, readers saw Bane’s thought process and motivations. Last issue readers saw what was going on in Catwoman’s mind and now we see what goes on in the caped crusader’s mind. Usually, readers tend to see his more methodical thought process. But it’s not often that readers get to see his actual thoughts of himself. There is a great monolog where Batman sees the ridiculousness of his  everyday actions, and how it would make his own parents laugh. He sees the irony and joke about a kid dressed as a bat, yet reveals why he feels he does it. His reasons as to how he internally feels the need to be batman is executed quite well. The fact that there is somewhat of a meta-text of one recognizing one’s own self and how they look to others when enveloped in their own facade is a new highlight of the character that makes Tom Kings take worth sticking around and reading.

Mike Janin’s artwork is consistently appealing as it is visually sequential and cinematic. He’s really killing in this arc, so there are no complaints other than compliments at this point. Seeing Batman fight a whole busy room filled with guards, looks as tiring as it looks awesome. One can imagine how exhausted batman is that it makes you wonder how could batman keep up in a fight with Bane. The rest of the team on this title seem to be stepping their game up, which I look forward to seeing how this arc will wrap up. I do hope to see more Mikel Janin’s work since I feel it helped the book finally find its visual footing. Definitely, check this title out or put it on your pull list.  

By Anthony Andujar Jr.

Anthony Andujar Jr. is an NYC cartoonist and lover of comics and music. So much so that it led him to writing comic book reviews in between it all.