Scrolling through the Book of Face today and I see the link ” Ben Affleck reveals new Batman Title “.

Oooooh I think as I quickly join the click bait queue and as I wait for the story to load I began to fantasise what it could be, could it be Hush ooh or year zero yeah or Death of/in the Family (my Internet was being shitty so I had a lot of time to think) then as the page finally loaded I saw it in all its glory “The Batman” OH MY G…. Wait what… The Batman??? That’s it?? I used my data for that!! a tad anticlimactic to say the least.

It did get me thinking however as to what it could be about, or at least what I’d like it to be about, the name gives nothing away unless it’s an adaptation of the early 2000’s animated series but Bens a wee bit on the older side to play a young Bruce Wayne and can’t see Leto playing his joker as an apelike character like the series.

Deathstroke is going to be his adversary so it looks like it’s probably going to mostly be an original story ( I just hope his mum isn’t called Martha). I like Deathstroke and hopefully, this means some pretty big set pieces as both can hold their own in a fight but I wonder if the Joker could be pulling some of the strings behind the scenes as he often does. It seems a shame not to use Letos Joker in more films.

I’d like to see this used as a set up film introducing more of the bat family like Nightwing (but in a better way than a few seconds on a videotape) since Batman is older Dick Grayson can already have been Robin and graduated to Nightwing, it could really be the starting point for some brilliant story arcs to come to life or even a spin-off film or two.