This book has left me at a loss for words. Beautifully crafted story, artwork that is as haunting as it is mesmerizing, and a truly terrifying feel that makes sleep tonight seem unlikely.

As Sarah Winchester, wife of the late William Winchester struggles to cope with the loss of her daughter and husband, it might seem as though she is slipping into madness. The truth is far, far worse.

An ever changing house that requires its own workforce just to keep up with the construction employs the darkest of men. Murderers, thieves, and every kind of criminal; all working towards atonement under Sarah Winchester. Or so it seems until the darkest of them all shows up on her doorstep.

In a chilling tale of ghosts, curses, guilt, pain, and atonement this comic truly pulls you into a macabre nightmare you wish would never end. Tomasi and Bertram have created something that I believe might be referred to as a masterpiece in years to come. I have only endless praise for this book and I would recommend it to anyone!