TV Review: Marvel’s Iron Fist: Episode 4: Eight Diagram Dragon Palm (Netflix)

In episode 4 there is a lot to like about this episode and some minor things that aren’t so bad. While it is not as surprising as episode 3, it […]

In episode 4 there is a lot to like about this episode and some minor things that aren’t so bad. While it is not as surprising as episode 3, it still manages to entertain and keep the plot moving.

Admittedly, one complaint I had in this episode is centered on how naive Danny Rand can be at times. Although he was raised in a monastery, there are moments where lacks elements of caution, but then again, he is no Matt Murdock nor should he be. In terms of the plot, it is good and despite some minor slow moments, it manages to pace itself. The story springboards from the stinger of the last episode’s cliff hanger, continuing the narrative momentum. 

The characters in this episode such as Colleen Wing, Ward, Joy and Harold Meachum are much more multi-layered in this episode showcasing some interesting comparisons and contrasts between their motivations, creating conflicting shades of gray for each character’s identity. Danny now established, has to deal with being fully integrated into the company with his position. There are some solid moments that don’t involve much action but involve a lot of character. Danny’s protest of making cost for such medical drugs reflects the actual problems that plague the real world in terms of big pharmaceutical companies making expensive prices on such medications that are financially unattainable to those who are in need but can’t afford. This is a solid display of the core that Danny has as a character. He has heart, and Finn jones performance of that is effective in accomplishing that element.

The Hand has a much more heavier presence in this episode, looming in the shadows and plaguing Danny and Harold every step of the way. There is a huge focus on the Warehouse deal that has been spanning out since the last two episodes. Much like some of the characters in this episode, everyone is wondering: What’s in that warehouse? Why does everyone from the Triads, to Meacham and his mysterious benefactors have such an interest for this warehouse specifically? The episode doesn’t explain right away why, but it does help to keep the shroud of mystery, leaving the viewer guessing with some interest. The performances in this episode are good, though not as mind-blowing as episode 3, it still manages to weave attention.

The fight choreography in this episode exceptional. It’s not as brutal as Daredevil, and not as crazy intense as Garthe Evan’s The Raid or the Raid: Redemption, but it manages to be effective and does its best. Although, it is awkward how one of the fights end concerning an Elevator scene. But it recovers due to the actual plot elements that drive the story forward.

There are some little easter eggs within this episode that only fans who have a great eye and knowledge of Marvel lore will undoubtedly catch.  Although Episode 4 has its slow moments, understandably providing exposition and structure to the local gangs, and how Rand Enterprises function with Danny back at the helm, it manages to keep the hits coming.

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