Comic Review: The Flash #21 (DC Comics)

“ I did this all because of you son..” The investigation of the mysteries that sparked DC Rebirth have spring boarded from Batman #21 into The Flash! The Button arc […]

“ I did this all because of you son..”

The investigation of the mysteries that sparked DC Rebirth have spring boarded from Batman #21 into The Flash! The Button arc continues and boy does it keep the intrigue and mystery!

After the events that transpired from the death of Eobard Thawne AKA Reverse within the Bat Cave, The Flash marks the Cave as a crime scene. Both the Flash and Batman investigate the mysteries of the button and Thawne’s apparent murder. How did The Button arrive in the cave? Who murdered Reverse Flash? And where will this investigation lead earth’s greatest super-powered detectives?

Tom King initiated the first chapter and now it’s Joshua Williamson’s turn.  Williamson delivers the narrative momentum in this issue that really adds another element to this story arc. Williamson has a good handle on Barry Allen’s reception in regards to his discovery of his worst adversaries death. Williamson makes a good effort in getting in Barry’s thoughts and still manages to keep the integrity of Barry as a character.  The believable response to how Barry approaches in the reflection of Reverse Flash’s death is awesome because he knows he should be extremely happy and comforted by it, but he knows that it doesn’t change a thing. But the comfort of that idea of his death is something he doesn’t rule out neither as much as he considers the thought. A Lot of this issue is Barry talking to Batman, reflection and researching the crime scene, which is good because this issue is much more introspective. It’s not as wildly cinematic as the issue prior, but it does manage to maintain the scope of the storyline.  

What Williamson does so well is maintaining continuity and revealing tidbits that’ll please fans new and old which will make chat rooms buzzing for sure. The story is very tight and paces pleasingly well.

Howard Porter’s art is kinetic and stylistic, breathing life and to detail with each panel and character within this issue. When Porter illustrates The Flash, they’re I’d a wild flurry of energy that is reflected in his movement. The details that exploit the numerous items within the Bat Cave is impressive and enjoyable to let the eye wander. The visual narrative is easy to follow and is cued in sync with Steve Wands lettering. Hi-Fi’s colors adds a layer of life to Howard’s energetic pencil work, making the adventure that The Flash and Batman venture through all the more fascinating to look at.

While this issue isn’t as cinematic as Batman #21, it manages to keep the narrative plot consistent and enjoyable. The mystery of The Button just got a whole lot more interesting and readers will find things that they will enjoy. This is a definite recommendation for anyone who is reading DC Rebirth. It’s making for a good little detective buddy cop comic for those who are fans of both The Flash and Batman. Anyone that is interested in the direction that the DC Universe is heading should definitely check out Batman#21 and this issue. While it’s still an early stage in The Button arc, it holds a lot of promise, but so far it’s delivering.

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