The Teen Titans and Titans join forces to try and stop Deathstroke and they don’t always gel as a team.

Deathstroke is desperately trying to save his son and has tricked Kid Flash out of his speed which he is using to time travel to different times in his son’s life to try and stop him going down the path that gets him killed. Damian is as cold as ever as he deals with Kid Flash regardless of how his teammates react he leaves him behind as punishment for helping Deathstroke and he also shocks everyone with his tactics for luring Deathstroke to them (a tactic that has dire consequences for one character further on)

Damian’s tactic does work and they stop Deathstroke but not before he figures out how to tap directly into the speed force and disappears into it, everyone is happy with that but Kid Flash isn’t and ever the hero takes off to save him. This forces everyone’s hand and they join minds with Raven and enter the speed force after Kid Flash and it’s up to Damian to reluctantly save the day after it goes wrong.

This annual will have serious repercussions in the ongoing storylines and will be interesting to see how both teams handle their respective bombshells