Fly for dinner, anyone?

Kicking off their Issue #1, Caleb Goellner (writer) and Chad Thomas (artist) wanted to sure put a fly in our midst by having Baxter Stockman, the mad scientist, pull his trickery on The Mighty Mutant Animals.

Baxter wants to combine mutant DNA with the Nanobots he has been experimenting with to create robot animals to rule the world, Muhahah! Sorry, I got carried away. Anyways, He finds the now temporary home of the Mutanimals and makes his way in by persuading (lying) to the Mutanimals. As the Turtles and Mutanimals argue, no one is paying attention to the fly in the room. Baxter transforms the Mutanimals into robot animals with a green substance. The Turtles now face a big problem because they have to fight their friends.

I really like the story because we all have friends. We want the best for them, however, if times get tough does our perception of them change? Caleb Goellner does a great job in capturing this theme of friendship and what it means to be a loyal friend in Issue #1. Chad Thomas’s simple animated style fits in perfect with the narrative.

So, if you’re thinking of eating fly for dinner tonight, save me a plate and read this issue afterward- it’s a good read.