Those damn Deadites are back and there is only one man who can stop them, Ash.

We start with a little recap about the story and what happened in the films – I’m assuming you have seen the films, If not its ok as you get the recap- -no actually it’s not ok, go see them- the recap takes us to present day after a deadite attack the store where he works and he killed it. The response wasn’t quite what he expected and not really fitting after all the trouble of saving them and all you’d think he would get more of a reward.

Ash returns home and we get a glimpse of what an ex-hero does in his spare time until a new adventure knocks at his door. Of course, Ash handles it the best way Ash knows how with snarky comments and quick wit splashed with a little apathy until that is that payment is mentioned and Ash all of a sudden gets his heroic sensibilities back.

His new adventure is going to be at a school seemingly overrun by Deadites and demons and Ash has to go undercover to deal with them. This looks like its going to be a brilliant comic to carry on the franchise and really captures Bruce Campbell’s delivery and humour from the screen.