Is there someone in your life that you admire or look up to? What if you felt like they wronged you? Wouldn’t you be crushed?

In this issue, we get some insight through the lens of Eobard Thawne. Thawne, a.k.a Reverse Flash felt betrayed by Barry. Barry was his role model. He meant the world to Thawne. So, the questionable devastation as to why Thawne caused them are answered clearly in this issue.

Joshua Willamson continues to grab the reader in with his great story telling. What I like about this issue is that we get multiple viewpoints. There is a little bit of Barry telling his side of the story and then we get Thawne’s. This allows us (the reader) to seep into the character’s mind and understand their circumstances or why they did what they did. Willamson does great work with this issue!

There are three different comic styles in this issue, so your eyes are in for a treat should you pick it up. Di Giandomenico does great work with keeping the issue together aesthetically. He covers the illustrations of present time. The other two comic artists cover the illustrations for past and future time- as we are dealing with the fastest men alive.

This issue was very well put together. It’s a great read! 


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