“Every second is a gift.”

In this issue, Barry and Hal Jordan are trying to stop Multiplex. As they fight him and his many copies, Wally West and Iris are trying to get away from Reverse-Flash. Barry is given much-needed advice from his good friend Hal and wants to finally reveal to Iris that he is The Flash. But, he soon realizes that he is a little too late.

Joshua Willamson’s writing speaks to many great themes that the reader should focus on. For one he speaks about the very thing that people need and that is love. Multiplex did not come to fight with Barry and Hal, but he was seeking a woman he thought could fill that empty space in his heart. Willamson, also speaks about how important time is and how every second is truly a gift. So, if you have someone out there that you truly love, that fills that empty space in your heart- let them know before it is too late!

The art style of Carmine Di Giandomenico is very interesting. It is not your typical “clean” and “crisp” comic style like that of Pop Mhan. It has its rough edges, but is still aesthetically pleasing and works well for The Flash, as he is constantly moving rapidly.

All in all, this is a great read! Do yourself a justice and put this issue in your shopping basket when you visit your comic spot.


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