Comic Review: Sh*t My President Says: The Illustrated Tweets of Donald J. Trump (IDW/Top Shelf)

So it’s all come down to this….. IDW Comics/Top Shelf proudly presents our American’s president Donald Trump and his misadventures of his life by using his social media of Twitter. […]

So it’s all come down to this….. IDW Comics/Top Shelf proudly presents our American’s president Donald Trump and his misadventures of his life by using his social media of Twitter.

Even so, his own favorite hobby is to tweet everything just to make people realize that he’s really annoying when he tweets, but I guess that’s the taste of the internet, guys. It was made by Shannon Wheeler and she probably illustrated most of her time drawing Donald Trump as something to understand his perspective and all, but it can also show how Trump has influenced his society due to his daily life as a citizen to the president.

This whole book of Donald Trump’s Tweets is more like a timeline, because whether or not we learn how he struggled his own life until he became president. Even so, Shannon Wheeler illustrated some pictures of Trump right after reading his tweets, she made even more possible to make sense to the readers. She even included some chicken scratch drawings of Trump holding a spear while riding a horse like a crazy Spanish warrior of Don Quixote, or someone kicked Trump out of a plan for no reason. Whenever he Tweets on the internet, he showed the Americans to make sense that he was trying to correct America for everything, that included that he wants to correct Obama’s doing. Most of the people like and dislike him because he’s changing America into a better place. However for me, what he’s doing is that he’s trying corrupt the city because of his actions, no matter how he’s done so far he became one of the most infamous presidents of America that I’ve ever met. There’s a saying that it is evil in this world that lurks the hearts of men, and so far Donald Trump is trying to corrupt this country once more, and somehow he’s more of an evil dictator than being a president. No one has ever respected him, so everyone else had moved out of New York City. My home country is tearing apart because of him, we know that America is a great place to live, because he just wants to make this country a better place to live, but it actually turned out much worse than that. It’s crazy to know that all the stuff that Trump has done to make people angry because he expects that everyone should get some better jobs in exchange.

Would you rather read all the Donald Trump’s tweets on this book? Or would you rather go out there and spit or say **** YOU in front of Trump Tower or Donald Trump himself? This book is more of all the history and activities that changed people’s lives. But the only thing that he’s good at is tweeting stuff at the internet like he doesn’t care about anyone. Trump has made tweets, Trump has made some decisions to keep Mexicans out of our country. The people are arguing and blaming foreigners or immigrants to persuade them to get off of our country, and that’s hurting a lot of people. Because who else wants to suffer living in America while Trump is around, let alone to confront him and make a proposal to do some business with him. Well, the thing is, you guys may think that I’m joking around because I looked at his tweets and reflect all of the things that he’s done because he’s a sore loser and there’s a mountain of salt pouring down to him. Obama is truly the emperor, not him. And I am not kidding, I’m dead serious, and I would hope that someone would come up and take over Trump’s position and make America a truly better place to live. No more lies, no more corruption on my hometown.

In my reaction to this book, Shannon Wheeler would be a great artist if she drew all of the illustrations to a local newspapers like the New York Times or Daily News, because somehow her illustrations portray the actual political cartoons from the Sunday newspaper, but instead she drew something that is based on a social media. Will it be the new generation of political cartoons? I can barely see the salt pouring into Trump’s brain from the very beginning. And let me tell you, if you see this book on a local bookstore like Barnes and Nobles, do us a favor and show it to the President himself and throw that book into his face and make him read just to have some sense to him.

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