Last issue had an epic fight between Batman, the Joker, and The Riddler. There is no way they could top that!  Or can they??


Oh, hells yeah they can. This issue sets up what could be an absolutely Biblical confrontation that could well surpass last issues fight. A brilliantly contrasting issue as we have Batman and Catwoman on a personal mission and back at Wayne Manor we have the ‘Robins’ altogether with Alfred and acting just like you would expect a group of brothers to act when left alone.


The desert wasteland image given to the Cat and the Bat is really cool and works really well to show the extremities that they are putting themselves through for their mission and sets the scene perfectly for what is coming at the finale of the issue while the Robins all riff of each other and compliment each other’s personalities as they talk about the Manor and their roles and react to Alfreds bombshell news.

I love how Bruce and Selina refer to each other as Bat and Cat and the way that Catwoman can lighten the normally solemn Batman and how he relaxes when he’s around her. They are both going to have their work cut out for them though as even if their mission goes to plan they may still have the Justice League to deal with afterward!