Comic Review: Batman: The Merciless #1 (DC Comics)

DC Comics brings you a prequel story which this will become more like Dark Souls or God of War, which is Batman The Merciless on its first issue. It’s so […]

DC Comics brings you a prequel story which this will become more like Dark Souls or God of War, which is Batman The Merciless on its first issue.

It’s so badass enough that every other DC Universe would have more Gotham stories in violent gore with Batman to solve mysteries and other, but this time the Batman series will bring out of a horror story for this year’s Halloween. However, this short story almost reminded of the God of War series which made this comic as an inspiration that the front cover, that Batman actually poses like Kratos, however, the time had changed for the Dark Knights that led to annihilation.

The whole plot of the short story of this comic focused on war, when Bruce Wayne grieves Diana’s death, even though the war had already begun. But when I looked at the sigil on Batman’s chest even the front cover, the artist actually combine the crest of Batman with Wonder Woman’s sigil, let’s just hope that his definition of revenge of that crest would be like world domination or Wumbo. And even if they joined forces with them, what would they become more of a Berserker than the Dark Knight. I feel like this comic take more to that because Batman takes revenge against the God of War, but he ever thought that fighting a god would sooner or later become corrupted in the first place. However, in the end, everyone bowed down to Bruce as the next series comes up in Devastator for another time.

So technically, this comic has based the annihilation of the Justice League and Batman battles against the God of War. I believe the story was that unreal to have something based on a myth of Mars, the God of War. But for any other DC Comics that the creators made, Batman hits the cake on this theme of violence and war. Batman combines with Wonder Woman’s power is so epic that Batman became a berserker to play his role and advance to war. The art and story are so badass, the art makes it so real, and they did a great job designing Batman’s berserker armor, and for that, he fused Diana’s power just to take revenge for those who murdered the Justice League. However, the war that the design of the armor poses that way almost reminded me of one of the other fantasy stories and games that I’ve read and played, like Berserk or God of War. Each time, Batman’s armor would give some weird vibes from any other thing that you can think of. The story was so dark, but as long as that the creators create another Batman story with a dark sense, then Batman The Merciless is a piece of cake to read. If anyone ever wanted some violent gore or war and violence, Batman The Merciless is just for you.

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