Comic Review: Dark Nights: Metal #3 (DC Comics)

So far in this specific series, the first two issues of Dark Nights Metal came in swinging, delivering some solid content. Content that introduced the concepts of the Dark Multiverse, […]

So far in this specific series, the first two issues of Dark Nights Metal came in swinging, delivering some solid content.

Content that introduced the concepts of the Dark Multiverse, in addition to weaving various aspects of DC comics lore into an event that holds such promise. Admittedly, while the title of the crossover event is called Dark Nights Metal, it didn’t feel so much like something well, METAL. The Dark Nights Metal one shots actually felt more metal than the first two issues. With that said, that doesn’t mean the first two issues weren’t bad, they were quite good, it’s just that they didn’t feel so HEAVY. But man, Scott Snyder and Capullo are finally unleashing some Metal within this issue, making it, finally feel, well.. METAL!!

In regards to the story, I feel that this issue really picks up the right kind of pace needed to finally execute the story. After the first two issues had developed all the exposition needed to get things going in full speed, Snyder finally gets leap off from the world building and finally come in flying into the story with enough punch that things click and come together cohesively. I will have to say, while most of the tie-ins aren’t truly a major requirement to enjoy the story thus far, they really do provide some solid exposition into how each of these Evil Batmen came into being, and how the world that the heroes reside in descended into chaos.

The main focus of this issue is the remaining heroes that are left standing rallying together to find solutions into combating against Barbados and his Dark Knights who are scouring the earth and laying waste to everything in sight. Superman has been having recurring visions of various battles that he and the league have had against Barbados but always wakes up with failure following suit. But Superman gets contact in one of his dreams, possibly contacted by our very own Batman. With the whole world in disarray, and very few Heroes left, can they risk leaving the world in chaos to the Dark Knights all in the sake of saving Batman instead of the world? What lies beyond the veils of the Dark Multiverse? And how can the heroes succeed?

The writing within this issue is just solid, whether it’s Nightwing, Damian, Wonder Woman, or Superman, Snyder understands each characters individual voices. He manages to make them all feel unique to themselves and thankfully no one is used as just filler. There are some cool moments such as Superman’s nightmare sequences, and cool team-ups that make it all fun to read. But the most solid factor is how Snyder weaves each character and plot point together in a way that feels oddly fitting. Some of the best factors is the Dark Knights and how intimidating they all are. So powerful that they can only get more powerful with every bout convinces any reader that they are forces to be reckoned with. Overall, I feel that Snyder is beginning to deliver with this event, and he most definitely has delivered on the METAL factor making these Evil Knights so menacing and vile.

Greg Capullo’s art really cranks up in such a heavy metal style that makes everything he’s ever done on Spawn and Batman become more dominant in this issue. I feel that Capullo really got the chance to go bonkers with the imagery. Everything illustrated exudes a heavy metal, Rock Opera vibes whenever he’s displaying the devastation of cities, Superman’s nightmares, or the Dark Multiverse beacons that emit across the globe. My favorite pages (which are a lot of them) is most definitely Superman’s nightmare sequences, it just screams Spawn in regards to how it’s illustrated, which is great since the imagery is finally syncing into the namesake of this event.

Jonathan Glapion’s inks make this issue really pop with power, giving Capullo’s pencils the right kind of energy for the issue. Plascencia’s colors provide the cinematic flair that a comic event such as this requires. Every pallet choice does the pages of art justice without oversaturating it.

This is a solid issue and finally, delivers in the Metal department. It finally cranks everything into Insanity And I can’t wait to see what kind of methods that Snyder and Co are gonna deliver in this awesome story of Madness. Definitely pick this issue up, it’s one of the strongest events thus far, and definitely worthwhile.

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