Even though Gary Unwin is officially a Kingsman its good to know that he’s also still Eggsy


Still, on probation from a rather spectacular Royal cock-up last issue, Eggsy finds himself in the right place at the right time and is sent on a mission that could affect the entire world, again. I love how Eggsy Still seems as if he is still just playing at being a spy and is excited about getting missions and trying new spy toys out.

Suave, Sophisticated, Seductive, all words that do not in any way apply to Eggsy but he is still a decent spy he just does it his own way. He is going to need all his abilities next issue to deal with the aftermath of this mission and here’s hoping the next issue has plenty of Sass as well.

You can tell that he hasn’t yet earned the respect of some of his contemporaries -that could be as he still insists on being called Eggsy – but he has shown himself capable of the job at hand although he maybe is a little more ‘common’ than the usual Kingsman so handles situations differently.

Brilliant issue with really cool characters and action galore and sets the next issue up to be a belter too