My first reaction upon hearing that Kong: Skull Island and Planet of the Apes would be crossing over was to think “How did it take us this many years before this happened?” My second was to call my comic shop and tell them that I wanted a copy.

The comic starts shortly after the end of the original Planet of the Apes movie, with Dr. Zaius discovering the dead body of a Kong on the beach behind the remains of the Statue of Liberty.

This could be exactly what Zaius needs to stop the social upheaval that was caused by the discovery of a talking human – or at least get him safely away from Ape City if the unrest leads to ape fighting ape – so he recruits General Ursus, Cornelius, and Zira to seek out the place where the dead giant came from.

And an ocean away, their destiny (and Kong) awaits them.

Ryan Ferrier’s writing captures the voices of the characters perfectly, and Carlos Magno’s art is gorgeous.

Recommendation: Buy! They’re going to take us on a hell of a ride, and you should take a seat.