Comic Review: Dark Nights: Metal #4 (DC Comics)

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are moshing through readers expectations left in right as events unfold in Dark Nights Metal issue 4. With Batman stuck inside the center of the […]

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are moshing through readers expectations left in right as events unfold in Dark Nights Metal issue 4.

With Batman stuck inside the center of the Dark Multiverse, trapped along with Superman, their worst nightmares thrust onto their world. Meanwhile, the other heroes travel the universe in search of the fabled Nth Metals in order to stand a chance against Barbatos and his Dark Knights. But little does every hero know, that everything that they know isn’t as it seems, and it will take more than hope, but Dream to cast a light in the dark. What will Batman and Superman find as they travel further into the Dark Multiverse? What is agent Kendra hiding from Dr. Fate and Wonder Woman? What will Aquaman, Deathstroke, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Mister Terrific discover that willfulness the tides for better or for worse?

Snyder is at top form with this issue, it feels like the plot moves at such a steady yet streaky pace that feels nicely plotted and steady yet never boring and constantly throwing curveballs in ways that I don’t think readers will expect. It’s hilarious to see Snyder use the band Five Finger Death Punch as a reference within the story, which for me had me chuckling with humor and joy. It’s tongue and cheek with references in certain places. But it doesn’t feel as though it removes the reader from the story since there is so much going on that one becomes invested. It’s tightly written and enjoyable throughout. Snyder does a great job at displaying exposition without explaining what happened in prior issues in a typical exposition fashion. Which makes it feel organic. Snyder Makes use of Dream of the Sandman series (Daniel, a descendant of Hawkman, Carter Hall) In a way that is fitting to the plot. Although I do wonder to what extent will Dream play with this series and its conclusion? Hopefully, he’ll be utilized greatly that’ll make his appearance feel like a pay off due to purpose rather than just being a cameo appearance or throw away plot device within this issue. Although I doubt Snyder would waste Dream and his presence, so it remains to be seen. There are surprising moments within the comic that will blow your expectations and curve your guesses that it will have your brain spinning.

In regards to the art, I feel that this may be the strongest issue yet where Capullo’s art shines more powerfully. His art has always been great, and his art within this event book has been nothing short of amazing. But there is something about this issue where I feel Capullo decided to go harder on the paint in regards to his illustrative work in this book. There are certain pages where it just shines so strongly that I was left admiring the look of Dr. Fate and Wonder Woman in some panels, along with other pages that stood out but, I won’t spoil those pages. The inks by Johnathan Glapion and the colors by Plascencia are top notch in this issue and surpasses their color work from the prior issues.

This is another solid chapter within this event book that Snyder, Capullo, and co have been pumping out. I’m looking forward to where Snyder will take Batman and the DC Universe and how much it will change the landscape of the DC Universe and beyond. Definitely, pick this book up! One of the best event books and one of the most fun events out there by far!

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