Comic Review: Scarlett’s Strike Force #2 (IDW)

IDW Comics releases a G.I. Joe based kind of comics that provided with some strike force in Scarlett’s Strike Force on its second issue. Now to be honest with you, […]

IDW Comics releases a G.I. Joe based kind of comics that provided with some strike force in Scarlett’s Strike Force on its second issue.

Now to be honest with you, I don’t know much about the G.I. Joe series, except that they’re selling one of the action figures on Toys R Us, but I never get to see the series for myself. It’s just some American Special Forces to take down an evil organization called the Cobra. However, the G.I. Joe products made an appeal to children, even boys to have it made as an American icon among toys in the toy history. G.I. Joe was the fuckin’ shit, the products have been used as a trademark by Hasbro, however, in reality, the toys were some realistic action figures, but even so these action figures were among the most famous toys in the 1960s, and later on, they produced with some other media in the modern era. There are toys, tv series, video games and of course comic books. It’s so far for all these years that the G.I. Joe series continues non stop until it fades out. However, in this comic Scarlett is taking charge of his troops to take down the Cobra.

So the plot of this story is that the troops of G.I. Joe where venturing around the forest surrounded by dinosaurs in the “North Pole” which is now melted. But wasn’t that much of a deal, but the Cobra is so obsessed with the snakes and cobras, obviously, their insignia was focused on cobra which represents greater evil, destruction and poisonous in the depths of the earth. However, most of the Joe troops were mostly fighting dinosaurs in the North Pole just to get to Cobra. Now I’m curious about this, the North Pole and the South Pole were the freezing lands that ever existed, but in the story, the whole snow was melted by some global warming. It wouldn’t be more sure if the Joes’ were to keep the world safe, but why didn’t they save the North Pole? Did they travel back in time? Or were they never expected to see that before? Is it just me or is this story doesn’t make sense?

Not just only that the special forces have some elite troops, there in the secret base in Lemuria, there is a Transformer known as Cybertron who expects anyone to fix his teleportation, then from the outside, they’re dinosaurs in the North Pole and other things to be explained on this comic. The art is more realistic, but in this comic, the concept almost looks like one of the comics of Jurassic Park or Turok. I would expect to see some better art concept of G.I. Joe, because this comic is much more realistic than the others. The story makes the readers confused about the North Pole part, but what can I say, the writer is taking more seriously to know the aspects of the world where the North Pole was in global warming. If you’re a big fan of G.I. Joe action figures or other stuff, then this is for you just to realize if you feel old enough yet? Then this is for you.

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