Comic Review: Clue TP (IDW)

IDW comics releases a completed graphic novel of our favorite cardboard and plastic board game of Clue. At first, I began to realize why IDW made a comic out of […]

IDW comics releases a completed graphic novel of our favorite cardboard and plastic board game of Clue.

At first, I began to realize why IDW made a comic out of a board game is to remind everyone that they ever played that game before, but now they brought out a story to the readers. And as usual, the story is more like playing the actual game, to solve mysteries on someone’s mansion until you’ll find who’s the murderer among us. However, I never played that game before, I’d just only found out its history and how I remembered on that day when Clue was the most popular in the U.S. I’d only spent my time with my friends playing Cards against humanity, and we laughed it off.

So anyway, Clue takes any chance to solve mysteries, but you know who’s the villain of this whole series: the fuckin’ butler of the mansion. Whenever I turned the pages of the comic, the butler always seemed to be around narrating the story and even breaking the fourth wall. And as usual, everyone is around the house solving some mysteries to find the murderer. At first it seemed too far-fetched about the butler in the story, but obviously, he’s the source of this comic the whole time. What makes this comic so interesting from a board game is that sometimes, the story can get a little complicated at times, but most important part is that Mr. Boddy is still alive for faking his death while being stained with blood which is ketchup or something. The story seemed to vividly until the butler became pissed about the plot, even flashbacks until he couldn’t forget Dr. Black’s instructions to him, to leave no clues, and no witnesses, and then he killed everyone who created the comic, now that’s sick.

This comic may be based on a board game, but at the end, the butler is the villain of the comic the whole time, because somehow he kept wondering how the story keeps in progress between the board game and the comic. Even though everyone was a suspect in the murder of Mr. Boddy in his mansion. I mean this is no joke that the story goes like that because unlike any other mystery-murder comics, Clue has taken its toll to make a story. Oh, and about the creators, I feel sorry for them that the butler killed them, but they really made this comic even more incredible. The artist, however, I didn’t even know that he made his art all the way from Chile, just looking at the butler pointing to the globe, but somehow, the art is terrific, when I did some research about him, he would do anything to become a famous artist for IDW, that is awesome. And also at the end of the graphic novel, you’ll get to see the cover gallery of the comic on every comic issue that they created.

In conclusion, it’s a great comic to portray as a board game, but things would get more interesting to make it as a murder mystery comic. But then every other creator in media created more of every murder or mystery stories like Gotham, Sherlock or Breaking Bad. Even though, this comic makes it more than just a simple board game. I would recommend to anyone who played Clue before, must read this comic to find out the story about it.

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