Cassie Hack doesn’t have bad days, she has horrible hell on earth days!!

As if waking up while you are being dissected wasn’t enough Cassie is now running for her life while literally holding her chest together but Cassie isn’t one to let a gaping chest wound slow her down and certainly not when Vlad is there to lend a hand. The camp has gone to hell and it turns out it was nowhere near what its advertised as the councilors have all turned into slashers and the kids are relying on their little bit of training they have.

Cassie and Vlad are one of my all-time favourite duos with Vlads naivety and Cassie’s outright don’t give a shit attitude they compliment each other perfectly which leads to some pretty funny exchanges, my favourite being when Vlad needs to clarify which screams should he help out with and which ones he needs to leave alone! Adding Laurie to the mix means Cassie’s already complicated situation multiplies tenfold as she faces off against the real bad guy of the story!

I love how well Vlad gets on with the kids, possibly the same kind of mental development possibly just because he’s a nice guy but whatever the reason its cool to see. I wasn’t expecting the twist to the tale at all but it is a pretty cool turn to take which is really gonna affect how the story plays out