Comic Review: Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #7 (BOOM! Studios)

BOOM! Studios Comics continues with our superhero team in spandex in Go Go Power Rangers on its seventh issue. From the looks of it everything doesn’t turn very well because […]

BOOM! Studios Comics continues with our superhero team in spandex in Go Go Power Rangers on its seventh issue.

From the looks of it everything doesn’t turn very well because the blue ranger wants to quit being a freedom fighter, but unfortunately, Zordon chose him to fight against Rita and her minions. But before that, we do know that Billy is still a high school geek with some amazing gadgets that he made, like the teleportation watch or the flying car from one of the episodes. However, Zordon would know that he chose him because he’s is more like he has his power of knowledge. So anyway let’s get on with this latest issue.

If you guys still remember about Matt from the past comic issues and he’s being captured and became a spy to the rangers. Well, the truth reveals, until the real Matt had attempted to escape from Rita and went back to Earth to warn everyone that the fake is around the school. However, Billy decides that Matt would take his place to become the blue ranger, but that’s out of the question because Zordon chose him to fight alongside with Jason and the others. Meanwhile, back then when this comic series gives us some flashbacks, no but this time, the issue give us an important flashback of how one of Rita Repulsa’s minions joined her when they first met, from the last issue, Rita raised baby Squatt and later grown as an reliable ally to her and now Baboo joined her because he made them drank the potion by accident, making them turn into stones, and it’s an embarrassing moment for him to do. Does a vampire ever made some mistakes? Nonetheless, this whole part is before the Power Rangers were born, and the war between her and Zordon began. I didn’t make this up, this is all coming from the series. So anyway on the party, the real Matt escaped from Rita, made it back on earth, and the impostor was exposed. By who? It’s not a Mirage monster or the Twin Man, but will the Power Rangers uncover its secrets to defeat the impostor who’s tearing the team apart?

Besides on the plot or anything, the flashbacks over ten thousand years ago gives the readers a hunch to know how Rita Repulsa’s minions first met and cooperate with her in the future. But nonetheless they’re still reliable, yet idiotic best minions that they ever served to her. But I wonder whatever happen to Goldar and Scorpina when they first met with Rita, I mean they’re already married, and Goldar joined her instead of Scorpina. Anyway, with the Power Rangers on the way, Rita plans to overthrow them by using the fake Matt which exposes itself as one of her monsters. But things could get lightly because the fake Matt got along with the Rangers until he intends to tear the Rangers apart, like Billy for example. What the hell? I got to say, instead of some Mirage monster, the fake Matt poses himself as one of the poor crappy clay monsters out of a kindergarten art class that changes to another persona. Which each face he took from that form, I guess that he would get himself a mirror to hide his identity, but no Zack suspects him every step that he makes until he learned who the traitor is. But what will happen then on this and on the next issue?

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