Comic Review: The Backstagers Valentine’s Intermission #1 (BOOM! Studios)

BOOM! Studios release a special comic of The Backstagers, but this February, they released Valentine’s special version of the comic. Ok, I know what you thinking: Why do you don’t […]

BOOM! Studios release a special comic of The Backstagers, but this February, they released Valentine’s special version of the comic.

Ok, I know what you thinking: Why do you don’t like Valentine’s day? Well, I don’t hate it, as for the occasion, Valentine’s Day is a holiday for lovers, but not just that. It’s to celebrate with your friends, family and whoever you really cared about. But seeing as couples doing romantic stuff during Valentines is REALLY disturbing, and probably its a waste of time. It’s bad enough for giving me such as lame ass holiday, but now since the creator made a Valentines special, someone is really going to get salty. Man, let me tell you, if you really think that Vol.1 and 2 were weird enough, then get ready because this comic is an endurance test, and going to be more disturbing as ever.

For starters there’s nothing going on the comic, you’ll get to see gayish relationship innuendos but then the Valentine Grinch Beckett decided that he wouldn’t celebrate Valentines Day with all that nonsense with the day of love. Yeah, I gotta agree with that, no matter where you go, girls will turn you down, like going to the dance and everything, but I feel sorry for Beckett for that. Then he went to the backstage to get out of the situation until he found Mr. Rample sitting down on a different world, and told him that this holiday is tough, but after that, he spent his time watching a movie until Bailey came over to him and hang out with Beckett instead of the dance. And all the other stories were all this year’s Valentines Day montages, including Sasha with his candy and all that jazz.

It doesn’t matter whether you celebrate a special day with your loved one, you’d only end up having a good time or a bad time. All this romantic stuff didn’t interest me, but this comic is pouring a lot of salt to the single men and women around the world. For all the comics that I read, Valentine’s day special comics makes me feel annoyed because all of this makes every ‘single’ people out there feel uncomfortable, all I can say, all the affection that it’s coming for that special day is very disturbing and disgusting like all the rest of the past days and years of Valentine’s Day.

The worst thing about this is that it makes me feel really uncomfortable to read any Valentine’s special comics like this one. I mean, I should really read something else to pass the time, like reading Rurouni Kenshin or Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure on Shonen Jump. I would rather not celebrate this holiday, I gotta get off my head from that until the day after tomorrow, I gotta get out of my life for that, and do something different for a change. Like getting a rad haircut and a tattoo on my back of a cow eating Tide Pods while shooting diarrhea on Donald Trump’s ugly face. You know, there are other comics who also made some Valentines special everywhere, heck even Webtoon made its Valentine’s Special. However, what they wanted to do is to make some art as part of the celebration of Valentine’s Day, because America wanted to make it more popular. With all that drama coming from that comic, it’s worse than I ever imagine.

Here’s a tip for all single people out there, if you don’t have a relationship with someone, you don’t have to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You should better be off celebrating whether if it is your family or your best friend, that’s it. Well, as always I don’t care if you agree or disagree with my opinions on the comic, but what I do care is that you’ll enjoy your life to the fullest, reading my reviews for the comics I’d chose and getting these comics, celebrate with your loved one, family or best friend and be safe, and most importantly celebrate your day in your own world in your own time, NOT TO WASTE ANYONE’S TIME CELEBRATING VALENTINE’S DAY!

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