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May the force be with you in this edition. ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″] What can I say about this but OMG! I love seeing this movie on my projector […]

May the force be with you in this edition.

What can I say about this but OMG! I love seeing this movie on my projector and with my Blu-ray player. The one I got was a Multi-screen edition which is letterbox (it has black bars on the bottom) and standard.

The movie continues where the force awakens ended with Rey finally meeting Luke. Without spoiling anything it becomes a fun and awesome trip back to the Star Wars universe. This is one that lives up to its hype and then some. Everything you love from Star Wars is here but in a new and different way. New characters, New aliens, New worlds, new lifeforms and many more.

The extras in this Blu-Ray are out of this world. Over 2 hours of extras and deleted scenes. But in my honest opinion, it feels each one is 2 hours. The Blu-ray has a separate Blu-ray disk just for extras. These are the extras: The Director and the Jedi: the director takes us on tour thru the whole experience and journey of how The Last Jedi got made. We even get a few moments where you see cast are crew interacts with everyone (a few that I like was with Frank Oz another is where an extra bump into Mark Hamill and you see how it gets handle). 14 deleted scenes: these are the ones that were scraped but still filmed. Most of these are fun. It comes with Audio Commentary by Rian Johnson Balance of the Force: this is the director view of how the force worked in his movie. Andy Serkis Live (one night only): This is one that I love because you get to see how Andy Serkis made Snoke come to life and how much of a Motion capture actor he is. Scene Breakdown: Lighting the spark: creating the space battle This is how the great space battle between the first order and the rebels, Snoke and Mirrors: more about how the creation and making of Snoke came to life and the building of Snoke, Showdown on Crait. How the final battle between the first order and the rebels was made from though on page to final piece. Audio Commentary with writer and director Rian Johnson

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