Comic Review: Modern Fantasy #1 (Dark Horse)

Dark Horse Comics releases a fantasy comic series which sets the differences of real life or a dream in Modern Fantasy on its first issue. What happens if you take, […]

Dark Horse Comics releases a fantasy comic series which sets the differences of real life or a dream in Modern Fantasy on its first issue.

What happens if you take, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2007 movie, then a Lord of the Rings movie that you’ve watched and then back to Dungeon and Dragons with drunken players, you’ll get Modern Fantasy, and I know what you’re thinking, and yes it’s really is the shit right here. You ever wondered if everything is turned into a fantasy world in the modern world, but what if there are monsters roaming around the real world, but suddenly you’re thinking about fantasizing your own world while you’re stuck in some boring office job. More or less, this is actually what every childhood dream will be like when you’re all grown up, but your dream never dies.

Alright, let’s get on with it, so the story is basically a fantasy series where humans and monsters live together in the modern world and so is the environment, but suddenly the monsters are acting more like human no doubt. So, in the beginning, there is a girl named Sage who’s actually a fan of fantasy novels, even though she daydreams of herself being a ranger or something, but in real life she works on a boring office, but these days never end, just until the next day someone raided her apartment for a stolen medallion. I mean how does the story actually so different in the real world, did the creator created this world, then again how come every people that you see are fewer humans and more monsters? It’s not important it’s a fantasy modern lifeworld which nothing makes any sense.

Even if you dream something, it becomes real, I guess that’s the theory of what humans wanted to have. However, I wouldn’t realize if the world can transform one to another, maybe we should ask Donald Trump to stop separating parents and children each other, and they should continue living together and keep living the dream. But it’s more like keeping the dream up ahead like this comic book where humans and monsters live together as long as they like. Now if you’re thinking about having a lizard living monster or a troll, you’d be lucky if you’re really expecting to become friends in a simple way. So anyway, the story is much more different, as I mentioned earlier, there are some differences between the fantasy world and the real world, it’s like you put in a bending machine, mix it together and you’ll get a nice cool drink of tomato juice, well that’s a fact. Therefore, there’s no comparison where all these creatures live more than any human does. The art is colorful, yet amateur style, but it seemed that the artist has more imagination which is meant to be whenever he illustrates the world that he’s creating. However, it’s like real life that transformed into a fantasy world, but yet fresh. If you wanted to dreamlike like comic like this one, then this is for you.

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