Comic Review: Strong Female Protagonist Book Two (IDW)

IDW Comics releases a comic series about an ordinary female with superpowers in Strong Female Protagonist on its second volume. It’s very obvious to know that every other comic book […]

IDW Comics releases a comic series about an ordinary female with superpowers in Strong Female Protagonist on its second volume.

It’s very obvious to know that every other comic book series starts with a female protagonist, and that’s actually the important part of storytelling that it should be. Now, speaking of the female protagonist, I’ve come across to any kind of women who are main characters in comics, video games, even movies. Well as you know it’s actually rare to make a story with a female protagonist with some great personality and determined to do anything. I’ll get into that for later, but let’s get on with the review.

For starters, Strong Female Protagonist is actually based on a superhero webcomic on its own website of the title, but the story also describes itself as a young middle-class American woman with super-strength and so, it follows with the protagonist Alison Green retired from her role as a superhero and enrolled in college in New York. It said to be done that every superhero character has a day job going with a double life in school and fighting against the forces of evil and bring to justice. It’s just like any other DC or Marvel Comics that focus any other characters in their hero life and an ordinary life. The idea is that Alison focused on studying in college and gave up her role as a superhero is almost like a life-changing decision if you ask me. But suddenly she finds herself with some old enemies. But also there are some strange happenings around town, like the invisible woman who talks like a ghost. However the comic is amazing to tell that a female protagonist is willing to make her decisions on her own whether if she’s going to fight against evil or focus on college.

It’s amazing to have a story starting with a female protagonist is the most important aspect of storytelling. Well, I don’t mean to ruin everyone’s parade but I do have some examples of other female main characters in storytelling. Like I said before that every female main character would fit better if they have a great personality, a will to fight, even determination, but every female character has a story. Beginning with my own examples, there are some greatest female protagonists that have something in common, like Rey from Star Wars, she’s actually a trained Jedi, but she’s determined to wait for her parents to return on Jaku for reasons, but on the bottom line, she has a powerful force which relates to the Skywalkers. Also Terra Branford from Final Fantasy VI who happens to be a half-human, half-esper girl with an enormous magical powers that can actually destroy the world, despite her young age, she’s determined to save the world from destruction, and willing to use the power of love to protect the world for the sake, and for the future of the children. I really do like Terra, and that actually the base definition of a true female protagonist should have with her personality and determination and she’s actually the bravest woman of the series. And there’s Korra from Avatar, who deeply determines to master all the elements and restore balance to the world, but somehow she’s felt connected to the spirits and brought Air bending back to life, around there she’s actually fired up for her Avatar duties and fought so many enemies who tried to break the balance of peace, and with the help of her friends, she has enough power to bring peace to the world. Around here, I’ve read so many stories that many other female women who can do anything.

But this comic is focused on a female main character who participated in school instead of fighting, but somehow this webcomic is almost related to another superhero webcomic called “Supersonic Girl” by Sandra Diaz, which focuses of a young lady who attends in high school and fights crime at the same time. However some of the characters are much more related to this graphic novel from a Webtoon comic, which the main character of that Webtoon looked like Alison Green, and her uncle Dr. Voltio, who looked like Dr. Light from Mega Man, I don’t know, I’m not making this up, all of this is based on my observation. I mean if there’s such a superhero comic that can save the day, but nothing compares to these webcomics.

I mean that’d be like if I made a comic book series called “Miss New Yorker”, motherfuckin’ thugs and demons have been robbing the banks and goods around 42th street. Somehow Ms. New Yorker’s womanly instincts are tingling and then she transforms secretly into an all mighty superhero and fights these thugs to justice. On her daily life, she works with Mayor Bloomberg as an office lady, then the word has spread that Donald Trump declares a war in America and sent some terrifying monsters to attack the innocent and rule the world. Only one can protect the innocent and that’s Miss New Yorker. Now that I got all that out of the way, I’ll go on and finish this.

The creators did a great job of covering up with the comic series which can actually have a good sense of creating any good female protagonists. The story is terrific, and the art is more clever, but it makes no difference between the webcomic and the graphic novel, because the webcomic is all black and white and almost drawn on paper, but it’s still good, but this time the graphic novel is all colored and it makes much easier to read, and I already explained to her, so I don’t have to go over again. So it’s a great graphic novel, no problems there, almost a masterpiece. Even the creator agreed to turn this into a graphic novel, IDW did a great job to add this to their series. I recommend to anyone to read this graphic novel, better yet start reading this comic series on the webcomic link down below and hope that this comic is more interesting on what you think.

Strong Female Protagonist webcomic:

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